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    k cass

    I would never pay tht premium for GTR!

    Speed Addict 731

    That thing looks crazy!

    Freedom First

    In my opinion, the GTR is the best Japanese car made so far.

    Harry Maurer

    Very interesting!! Never heard of this particular car before.

    Eric Mihalyi

    Screw that. Just buy a regular GTr and put $75k in it and it would be crazy faster than that. I saw one down at Atco during a GTR club track rental and 1 guy had like 1800hp


    WOW! That thing got beat with a big ugly stick…

    Vancouver Island

    Hey Dude
    Thought I would pass this onto you. These 2 guys driving down highway when to 2 GT500 pass them.


    They really should have made it all black, or atleast black with silver trims. This thing looks great but the poop colored brown in it is ugly as shit

    Israel R

    Cool design and desired the car since the first Fast and Furious film but the rep didnt convince me. And to say hyper car is a very very tall order. But yet another car I will never drive or own.

    Kraig VandeVelde

    If I ever saw a car that wasn't worth it…

    God Save America

    Ugly as sh*t but I’m sure it’s fast as hell

    Mr. Saephan

    The front is ugly but the rest of the car is nice especially the tail lights

    Michael Reitz

    I guess Nissan switched to just making 50 really expensive ones to make them more exclusive since last year they only sold 538 GTRs world wide. These new ones aren't very good looking in my opinion. They are trying to hard to fit in with the Hyper Car scene.

    James L

    Chad didnt know all that much lol

    Lorne Mann

    Well my friend, the brown pieces on the front and side look like cardboard templates. Also, my friend, I'm sure all 50 are spoken for. I'm sure all the GTR fanboys just soiled themselves over this unicorn

    Daniel Roberson

    Cost a million to buy but it's a performance car and then if a part breaks while racing, then maybe it isn't feasible for performance enthusiasts . Then there is your car. Daily driver, a dragon slayer with common sense money parts for the price a normal person understands. I know of guy who use to own one. The guy complained and later sold it because routine maintenance was just ridiculous. Maybe this is just something a 300,000 million dollar baseball player buys. Doesn't drive it, just waxes it when he has time and stores it in his car collection warehouse like Jay Leno does.

    Mar Mar

    Not worth no million dollars

    Calvin Johnson


    ILogic 1

    I haven’t seen your videos lately sorry, but when I saw your face, I thought to my self “if he kept the beard it would be better” not saying you look ugly, your face is good enough to attract women but with the beard it will attract the world

    James Griffin



    Dang nice Nissan, how much you get it for? $1,000,000 …. walks away


    I don’t like it, looks like it doesn’t fit itself, it doesn’t know what it wants to be lol

    Troy Brown Entertainment

    You looking like Ice T , could be his younger son lol

    Tony Amarillas

    Black Mamba would still yank that fugly GTR. lol

    Justin Rogers

    That guy is like a used car salesman lol. I think i would rather have a normal GTR and spend 1 million on it 😂

    smiley petersen

    Hehe 1mil for a Nissan

    Einar Ingi Einarsson

    Another used car sales man!
    But this one is working for Nissan.


    Nah I'm good. It's nice and weird at the same time but I'd buy something else if I had that much to spend on a car.

    mrgee six

    1mill for at the end of the day a nissan nexttttt…

    Lin Chester

    as a GTR guy here

    imo the GT-R50 by Italdesign is a hard sell for a GTR, no one will be in the right mind will hand over 1 mill for a hand made sports car.

    sorry it not a "shut up and take my money"

    sure it will be a limited but put the 2020 GTR Nismo beside it and the Nismo will look like the bargain GTR to get since both has the same engine and drivetrain

    give the Nismo an E85 tune and you will prob get the same 700+ bhp and the Nismo is built for the race track now with the upgraded GT3 turbos, Porsche GT3 RS style aero on the front fenders, Carbon ceramic brakes, new shock absorbers and improved shifting char of the DCT

    Kareem Kirton

    Find someone that has an OG Godzilla let them give you a ride cool car

    Kondrez Brown

    Very ugly look like a space ship

    Mike Fyxdt

    Arg! It looks like someone put gold lipstick on a guppy.


    That is one ugly and low hp for $1 MILLION.

    GimmeDatHemi !

    That is the ugliest thing ever. And mad overpriced. And CHAAAAD promoting it. Horrible………SM, you're my guy……I am cringing for you🙈

    Ralph Smallblock

    I am excited about the 2020 Nismo gtr apparently it’s been fine tuned I think it will definitely stir the pot of muscle ,super and hyper cars

    street 75

    Ugly as fk. Color AND front end.they take a 2018mustang front end and slap it on the gtr body?

    Chris M.

    I actually like the design, but not worth $1 million in my opinion. Should be priced around $500k since it's hand built and only 50 are going to made.

    A.G. Rich

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that 25 of these gtr will never see a road. Damn collectors who will put it in a garage next to other cars that they don't drive.

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