Tuesday, March 28, 2023

2020 Nissan Patrol – Luxury Off-Roader

Main 2020 Nissan Patrol – Luxury Off-Roader

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    The new 2020 Nissan Patrol features striking new design, enhanced luxury features and the latest advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies.

    Ggg Hhhh


    vitaliy 999

    same shit as 62. 60-61 forefer !

    Toni parts

    And some Arab swapped the GT-R engine and break another record using Nissan Patrol

    evo emperor

    Rear reminds me of the dodge durango

    Big Boss

    닛산 Good!!

    Erdem Erdem

    Koskoca arabaya ufacık sunroof koymuşlar

    Robert Ng’ang’a

    It's easier on the eyes

    Асет Азтаев

    Передний вид не красив.

    Mr Genuine

    What is black oval thing at back side "A Asshole" ?

    Thol Siv

    It looks almost like Ford Expedition

    sherry raza

    Its just a face lift not a new car

    Oskar premium

    Для арабы

    Fayis Of

    Uae just waiting for launch 😂

    Shehzad Khan


    Quang binh Kham pha

    Very good

    jaboody singh

    I like the older gq patrol look better than that bubble crap they were making…. nice video beside that cheap porno track music

    Алексей Ступин

    Мощь и брутальность ✊

    Bo Han

    Buy a Land Cruiser.

    Destiny Achieved

    It has a feel of Lincoln Navigator


    فيه اقتباس من لمبات التاهو الاماميه من جهت الرفرف دخول على الاسطاب الامامي و اقتباس خلفي من اسطاب الشانجان CS95 و باب الشنطه فيه اقتباس من القؤاند شروكي ٢٠١٢ و الكشافات السفليه فيه اقتباس من كشافات الاندكروزر اسف لكن هذي الحقيقه يقتبس منه و يعدل عليه جبار يا باترول بس ان شاء الله وكيلك بالمملكه السعوديه يتعدل

    rahardian dian

    I saw a livina, especially from behind..

    Nelson Cququ

    The exterior looks so plastic like

    Think BIg

    In side want🤔💚

    Повелитель Фасолины

    Больше понравился, чем 200

    Martini V8

    Loved my Patrol 👌🏻

    P. Garibyan

    Этот замечательный динозавр 🦕 без дизеля тоже будет вымерающим

    Victor Hugo

    nissan are back from the dead? just launched the new titan, what else will happen?

    Victor Hugo

    wow, that is a mean machine, they launched the titan, will they actually launch the widebody leaf now? I am holding out on tesla for a widebody leaf gtr themed electric. Will they surprise us with an R36 release?

    Aram Mkhitaryan

    Торпедо уебищное

    Elvin Aliyev

    Lexus LX 570

    Dada Dada

    Что за уродская морда!

    nijjuamanath amanath

    My favarate car only Toyota brand😍💪💪

    Usuf Ali

    So stupid cars specially when you used on the Samar Dubai desert

    Caraballo Ferreira

    Eso Es una Nave Espacial 🚀


    Ssangyong with a better front

    nismo armada

    Wow it’s beautiful. Hope they bring the armada like that in USA

    Odukoya Abolade

    The exterior is cool, looks better than all the patrols I have seen so far

    Silverblacksky 01

    UN car

    Yusri Mohamed

    the music & the way they shoot & creates perfect scenes & angles of the videos especially in the desert makes this patrol looks so damn good!

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