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2020 Porsche Taycan 4S – Redline: First Look – 2019 LA Auto Show

Main 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S – Redline: First Look – 2019 LA Auto Show

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    One of the most important new vehicles to ever come from Porsche, the all-electric #PorscheTaycan is designed to reinvent your thinking of what an electric car …

    Christopher Lee


    James Thomas

    Dude…chill out with the trunk slam. You hulk smashed it.


    Best interior ever made. ( completely subjective little butthurt girls).

    sulaiman al

    4:41 !!!! wireless apple carplay ?? are you sure??

    Yuzhou Qu

    how many people think this is ugly


    "The more baser trim"

    carcric 16.4


    Zoo Ropa82


    Rodolfo Lopez

    IMHO, there isn't anything wrong with using the word "Turbo". In the late 80's and 90's computers had a "turbo" button. Yes, I am that old, but regardless, quite relevant to electric technology.

    Ahmed AlMarar

    There is a screen in the back seat where you checked the usb ports.

    HyperCar Dad

    Think he has “Porsche Envy” …. not much of a car guy…Tesla May compete with the Taycan, but the Yaycan doesn’t compete with the Tesla. Taycan is setting a new Premium Electric car category. This from a former MS 100D owner waiting for his Taycan ….

    Gregory Perkins

    I say who the heck wants a tesla after this came out


    Its "tie-can" not "tey-can".

    Ron B

    Just a few corrections. There is a 2+1 rear seat option if you have an additional child to put back there. Also heated rear seats are an option, you need to request the 5th LCD screen which is in the back of the console to configure it.
    Also the Taycan trunk is actually 33% larger than a Model S at 2.8cu -ft vs 2.1cu-ft. Many reviewers get this wrong because the perimeter is smaller but it is significantly deeper.

    Douglas York II

    5:13 While the 'turbo S' logo in the headrest is specific for that model, it doesn't have "unique seats".
    6:45 Heated rear seats in an option.

    A reviewer should be more familiar with the product so as not to provide the viewer with incorrect information. 🙁

    Aaron Yoshioka

    0:58 hood close fail, Porsche be like “dude, don’t break the car!” Lol

    Hk C

    With these prices, I would not call this a good engineered vehicle.

    S Lu

    After watching unveiling of Cybertruck last night, it appears to me that the arrogance of Porsche is digging its own grave.

    Takyo Bish

    Taycan me


    I love this gorgeous light blue color of exterior. It reminds me mailman's uniform color tho 😉

    Whole Life Crisis

    TIE CON. More Baser?


    0:55 a Porsche newbie…. doesn't know how to close the Frunk.

    Blabla Blubblub

    Rip Tesla

    Adam Liu

    the range is just underwhelming


    When this guy slammed the hood I was cringing. Also practise pronouncing the cars name correctly before stepping in front of a camera.


    "A much more reasonable 103,800 dollars"

    David ng

    The outlook looks so sad /_

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