Saturday, March 25, 2023

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S On The Track!

Main 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S On The Track!

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    Porsche has finally revealed the production Taycan all-electric sport sedan. Curious what 0-60 miles-an-hour in 2.6 seconds looks like? Join Tom Voelk at the …

    Jawad Eloufir


    Dirk McDonaldson

    I was hoping Tom was going to drive the car and give his perspective on the Porsche versus other electric cars. It looks like I’m going to have to wait for the review from Tom and get his honest point of view and not from the company engineer.

    Rouge 1972

    That car is Mother of God fast…..

    Aasa C

    Man, I own a tesla model 3
    but never realize that electric car can be sporty like this
    over 2 tons of weight
    Porsche did take the EV to another level….


    Correct me if I’m wrong but did he say that specific car did NOT have the optional enhanced sound?


    What is "too much head toss?"


    The look on your eyes says it all. Fascination. Surprise. Exhilaration!!

    freeman Geiger

    Gorgeous and amazing. You got great shots!


    Nothing beats Tesla.

    These traditional brands somehow can never break the mold of the traditional car interior designs. Treating a car like a piece of electronic/technology is how it's supposed to be if you are making an electric car. All the different screens are unnecessary. Where's the over the air updates? Driving assistance tech? Sure you have good suspension but come on people.


    Thank you!


    The "whir" sound of the car is pretty cool and very futuristic.


    You looked like you wanted to go home!I Did they supply a barf bag for the demo🤢🤞


    You look stunned Tom!🤣Really great video!👍


    Now THIS is a proper EV sport sedan – the way it changes corners & repeatedly goes full throttle is amazing.

    Jamaican Me Crazy

    He's like Tiff. Talk and drive

    Peter Goulbourne

    This car looks AMAZING! I wonder how it will compare to the Tesla 100P. Will Porsche do over the air software updates? Will Porsche stores be able to service they Taycan?

    T Lion

    Pretty cool. Is there going to be over the air updates like Tesla?

    M Lee

    The quietness and speed of this car even on video is insane. In the real world potentially very dangerous for others using the road like pedestrians etc…can’t hear it coming especially with such acceleration


    How many hundred thousands will it cost


    Obviously, the first question you should have asked the Porsche guy is why the heck they call it a 'Turbo' when EVs don't have a turbo and have nothing at all in common with turbocharging.

    Mag neto

    I want to hear the roar of an engine.


    Holy fatass 5060 lbs, I wonder what its lateral G handling and 60-0 mph stopping distance numbers are. I love everything else about it except the price and 20 minutes charging is still too long, need to get it down to 5 minutes like ICE cars.

    Craig Smith

    Wow. Cool ride. I could tell from the your expressions the experience was impressive. I hope it was as enjoyable in real time as it was to watch.


    Pretty cool. I'd have one if I had the money. It understeers for Germany though…….

    Grumpy G

    I was waiting for that driver to show us how to text and drive. I hope he pays more attention when driving home.

    Jorge Tabuas



    Tom channeling his Evil Twin: "I'd like the full-on Disney ride!!"


    This is… I just… the want is strong. It's kind of jaw dropping the way that Porsche approached full electrification in how it's different than what Tesla has been doing. The performance is there in both, but look at the interior… completely different thinking. I'm hoping that a manufacturer decides to go retro with electrification and provides buttons, knobs and switches instead of screens to control functions. I think we've gone too far too fast with the human-to-car handshake and making it touchscreen

    Jeremy Collins Sr.

    Just realized that this was shot in Atlanta at The Avengers headquarters. I wish I knew you were in town. Perhaps you could've took me with you. lol


    I very much like the concept of electric cars, whether they be designed for performance or efficiency.

    But as a visceral experience, I always worried that the loss of engine sounds would take something away.

    I'm not worried anymore. This thing sounds like it is activating warp drive when accelerating.

    And of course, tire screeching will always be tire screeching.

    Mark Sloan

    I was so confused by the name, why does it have Turbo in the name if it is 100% EV? Porsche people typically know the differences of their lineup already.


    Tesla, it’s your move!!!

    Will Johnson

    The car seems to deliver everything promised in terms of performance and experience. The exterior design, particularly the front end, just isn't landing with me. I have a deposit on one, but looks like that will be cancelled unless my in-person impression is far different.

    Robert Jurado

    Love that the regeneration seems to come on the brake pedal with the hydraulic brakes assisting under heavy braking. After test driving a Model 3 last week, I wasn't sure how I felt about adapting to the "one-pedal" driving style where the regeneration comes on as one lifts off the throttle. Made me wonder how the Model 3 behaves using the high-performance driving techniques that one learns at driving schools such as trying to manage weight transfers, trailbraking, trailbrake rotation, etc. Granted, I've never taken a Model 3 on track, but I'm really curious. This car seems like it's more what I would be used to. It seems to be less of a "new" way of driving than other EVs.

    Sony Bruno

    The only thing Tesla has to do is work on its interiors. After that, none of these other car companies are on its level.


    wow, just wow

    Pfuf OO Stuff

    Haha turbo eletric


    Congrats Tom, I think this is the first on-track video out there besides the nurburg lap record.


    Did Porsche provide you with a change of underwear?

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