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2020 Subaru Outback: FULL REVIEW | Subaru Goes Techy and Hits a HOME RUN!

Main 2020 Subaru Outback: FULL REVIEW | Subaru Goes Techy and Hits a HOME RUN!

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    Let’s REVIEW and TEST DRIVE the 2020 Subaru Outback! This is MOST IMPORTANT Subaru model in their lineup, so Subaru went all-out with this redesign …


    By far you carry out the best technical, objective and subjective analysis of the different vehicles in the market, not to mention your youth and little experience in the automotive world and social networks. I predict a very bright future and I think they will have their own TV show, etc. ¡Congratulations!

    alelx jines

    2011 outback 140k 💪

    ronald steiger

    Have you heard anything about why Subaru is having their dealership hold on taking new orders

    ronald steiger

    Another great job guys !!

    Craig Shannon

    It seems to always be so gray & cloudy where you are , has the sun ever shined out there?
    Great review btw. We are quite interested in a new Outback, especially like the Onyx edition.

    Anthropomorphic facsimile

    Not until a Susie is electric! 🤨

    Harry Mitchell

    Does the start/stop function default to on when you shut off the car?

    hideki asano



    So what happens if u take one hand off the wheel

    FatGeek Computer Service

    Too bad the have a stop sale order for all 2020’s so you can’t even test drive one now let alone buy one.


    No auto windows in the back and no rain sensing wipers?


    I thought Masons Head was going to Snap Off when Drew crushed the accelerator pedal in that parking lot. LOLOL. Just teasing. Awesome Review I am so glad SUBIE has Upt it’s Game. GO SUBARU!

    Richard Shelton

    Nice review, thank you. Maybe it was just your mike, but it sure seemed like there was an excessive amount of engine noise. You two didn't address that, so I assume the mike was responsible. Thanks again.

    Bob Kwiatkowski

    Great video , very informative , can the engine stop / start be permanently turned off ? Or do you have to disable it after each start up ?

    Lem Bro

    Best information I have seen presented for this vehicle. Kudos to these brothers. That said, there are at least 3 mistakes. 1) when showing the driver's side rear door it was said to be "Leather" which it is not 2) The fuel tank holds 18.5 gallon, not 16.6 gallons 3) Look for this third error and comment if you find it

    Josh Huber

    How do I find the different packages available on the different trim models of the Outback

    Clyde Triplett

    Sold Subaru’s 20 years,
    Managed Burt Subaru #2 in the World. Only Subaru has the Greatest All Wheel, And best crash No going wrong with SUBARU.


    U guys always do justice with the details.

    Lazaro Yumar

    Awesome Subaru Outback

    ekim andersom

    No more hard buttons is horrible.


    Subaru is trying really hard to copy volvo's interior. @8:41 holy shitballs that chime is annoying. hopefully you can turn that off. no 360 camera? even kia has it. CVT?

    Steven Rhodes

    Nicely done on the review guys. A couple of things I'd like to offer an opinion on are: 1) you mentioned cargo space and said that the Outback actually had slight less interior volume than the Forester does. I've been looking at both of those cars for a number of years now and technically, that's true, but what I've found is, the Foresters advantage comes from it's added height. The Forester is taller than the Outback but if you compare the load floor with the rear seats folded down, you'll find that the Outback is deeper from front seats to the tailgate. In others words, the Outback has more floor space than the Forester does. Where the Forester has more room is essentially above the window sills and for most folks, myself included, that's not space we generally use. For item 2), you talked about how peppy the engine felt. When I drove an Outback a couple of years ago, I was surprised by that too but what I think they're doing is programming the drive by wire throttle to give that effect off the line. It makes the car feel like it's stronger than it really is because of how fast the throttle tips in with just a little movement of the gas peddle. It's not a big deal really, but it gives false impression of what the car is ultimately capable of. Either way, I totally agree with you that the base 2.5 engine is more than adequate for most of us.

    Josh Huber

    What package does this premium have?


    sounds noisy in the cabin from engine noise. please clarify

    Charlie Montero

    11inch display nice but seems the engine seems too noisy or ur microphone is too sensitive excellent choice for families

    dean gordon

    160 mph speedo. Ballsy

    Cody Wheeler

    Can you do the legacy? Great video btw❤

    Mason Lilienthal

    You guys should to the Subaru Crosstrek

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always! Am I the only one who likes the 2019 better?😸😸


    i just did my part and subscribed , good luck

    Iron Shaft

    One of my top 3 favorite car reviews, always show every angle of the vehicle and gives us specifications. Can you review the 2020 toyota highlander soon??

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