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2020 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review

Main 2020 Toyota Corolla First Drive Review

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    As expected, the 2020 Corolla sedan is the 4-door version of their recently launched 5-door hatchback. Power is up thanks to a new 2.0L engine that’s available …

    No name 14

    Mistake number one in your video is you didn’t tell us your height which is helpful. Mistake number two is giving a combined legroom in which I find disappointing because I would like to know what the front leg room is separately, and the front passenger and then the legroom in the back separately.

    Enrique Ortiz

    Sexy AF.. and the car is cute too, but I'm more of a hatchback guy…

    Derek Wondermina

    I really want honda 1.5 t engine on this car…with manual…….


    I'm honestly not much of a Toyota fan because I had a horrible experience with one 2 decades ago, my father bought a new Toyota and had problems right off the showroom floor, and I've had friends and coworkers whose Toyota interiors fell apart far too soon. With that said, I actually really like the styling…for the most part. So tired of the gaping mouth grill trend, but that applies to a lot of cars these days. Otherwise, I think this looks really good, especially for a Corolla. I like the interior design a lot too, but the tablet style touch screen gets to me. I really hate this tacky design trend. The door panels also look rather cheap and plasticky, even though they are styled nicely. I bought a new 2018 Hyundai Elantra in December and the door panels have padding on the upper part and a cloth insert in the center part. Looks higher quality than this. If the real world cost of buying a Corolla over an Elantra wasn't about a $4,000 difference, I likely would have gone for the Corolla for the reliability.

    Right Lane Hog

    Did Toyota have a warehouse full of leftover 1.8 engines? The 2.0 engine provides more power and better mpg so what is the point of the 1.8?

    Joseph G

    No wire cupholder in the rear? Blasphemy!

    Too bad we don't get the wagon in the US. A hybrid Corolla should be a perfect commuter.

    S Userman

    I hate this car, but thumbs up on the review because Alex always does a stellar job.

    S Userman

    The government should impose a special tax on this car because in my experience, no other car has come even remotely close to cause me more road rage than this one. An astonishingly high percentage of inconsiderate left lane loafers block traffic in this vehicle. I profoundly hate it. At least get in the right lane if you're gonna go that slow. The paltry 139 HP paired with an emotional-less CVT doesn't help.

    Ali Sadiq

    Despite its one of the best cars in its segment I would take the new Elantra cause it has six speed Automatic transmission over the annoying CVT transmissions 😑

    Razgriz Reborn

    The headlights look to much like a Honda

    Right Lane Hog

    Now we have two new Corollas but to complete the Corolla Hat Trick we need the new WAGON #SaveTheWagon #WeWantWagons


    The most important car in the world .

    MJ DGI

    It's funny that the top car makers are now copying Kia and Hyundai cuz that's what it looks like

    Dhruva Kumar

    1st dislike

    Ryan Juelich

    No Android Auto, no deal.

    LEXUriouS Kirk

    Corolla is one of the best values in the auto industry! Give me the 6 speed! #savethemanuals

    Herbert Garcia

    This Corolla will still be running in 40+ years

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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