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2020 Toyota Corolla: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Bland Appliance No More!

Main 2020 Toyota Corolla: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Bland Appliance No More!

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    Is the new 2020 Toyota Corolla the class leader?? Let’s find out in this IN-DEPTH REVIEW and TEST DRIVE of the 2020 Toyota Corolla SE! The SE (shown), L, …

    Sam Lung

    Looks more like a facelift than a redesign but whatever.


    This is the version I've been eyeing lately, in either this color or the Celestite Gray, with the Premium options package, minus the other dealer installed options. I'll have to wait until January for the lease on 17 SE to end before getting one. Hopefully my local dealer will have one in stock.

    Opoku Ososs Boateng

    Is it up for sale or till 2020

    Clive Sinclair

    Sportback/Touring has considerably more cargo space… and imo looks the best out of all three versions.

    Alec W

    how’s the acceleration compared to the Mazda 3? The power on the Mazda is really what I feel like is holding everyone back including me, as everything else is a class ahead. I saw on another video that the 1.5t in the civic was way more peppy, which is a shame. Mazda are you listening we need that 2.5t in the 3 and it’ll be perfect!!

    Stephen Hendricks

    Toyota will sell boatloads of the 2020 Corolla based on Toyota's reputation for reliability. In fact, though Toyota remains at the top of the list in that regard the margins among the top several brands is now so slim that owners are paying for very little in the way of an advantage of one brand versus another. Meanwhile, Toyota engages in cost cutting, especially in terms of interior quality, and a lack of innovation and features offered by other brands in their products . Finally updated with Apple CarPlay but still no Android Auto. No rear seat vents regardless of the trim level. No turbo engine option. No thanks.


    I applaud for the direction they're going with the redesign of both this car as well as the Rav4. However, if I had to choose between the sedan or the hatch, I think I'd go for the sedan. This is not to say that the hatch isn't sharp, I'm just drawn to the sedan for whatever reason. Also, Drew, is the any car that you don't look good in? Lol!

    Justin Lindley

    IMO this has got to be one of the ugliest in the segment, NONE compare to the 2019 Mazda 3

    Isaac Miranda

    Yes it is 2020 Classic Silver Metallic Toyota Corolla Se 2.0L 4-CYLINDER 168 hp and 158 torque 13.2 Fuel Gallon 31-40-34 Turning Circle 34.1 42.3/38.0 Front specs rear specs 41.4/37.7 13.1 60/40 Gauge Cluster Sunroof 182.3 Lenth Backup Camera Climate Control Cup holders Audio plus package,premium package,paint protection Flim,door edge guards,alloy wheel locks,floor liners,destination charge Ulimate Compact Sedan Price $26,631 Thousand Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Imperial Executioner

    Excellent video, gentlemen. Appreciate the extensive detail. This is super helpful. Only question I was left with was cabin/engine noise. Past Corollas have been rather noisy in the cabin compared to similar cars. This one sounded loud as well, but I wasn’t sure if that was mic sensitivity. How was the cabin noise?

    ດອນໄຊ Donxai

    Ugly design .nissan Sentra look more nicer .

    eric hoskins

    Hands down the worst Corolla ever. The only thing that is improved from the previous year model is safety sense 2.0. Hopefully Toyota corrects this mess of a car soon….

    Daniel Hernandez

    If I had a choice between the Camry and Corolla, the Camry wins. To me, the XSE Camry is the best one but I'd pick the hybrid XLE Camry. As for the 2020 Corolla, I'd pick the XLE. I like the finer things in life. If I wanted luxury and sport together, the 2019 Lexus ES350 with the premium triple beam LED headlights and the navigation package. Great review, Drew and Mason. Happy Easter.

    Ricky Logan Jr.

    Drew and Mason 😄. Thank you for reviewing the 2020 Toyota Corolla, question for you two, do you think at close $30k Toyota should have included Android auto, rear vents, and rear seat ports for wireless devices? Toyota did a great job for 2020 Corolla, XSE trim is very nice. It seems the car is missing important features for a brand new redesign vehicle. Drew and Mason, I really like how down to earth you two are and your pleasant southern energy.

    Chevy Toyota Dude

    Toyota did a great job with the Corolla sedan redesign, I might check out the SE Hybrid trim. Great review.

    Simon Fan

    Those headlights are really ugly.
    By the way, I've always enjoyed your videos.

    Mary Stevenson

    Very nice review! Love the new redesign!


    Keep up the great work! I see 500k subs to this channel soon!

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always!😸😸

    Justin Xu

    Definitely love the 2020 Corolla! Definitely will test drive one and maybe even buy one!!!

    Charlie Montero

    Nothing to say great video best car available excellent redesign reliable

    Frank Marzegliano

    after seeing the mazda 3, this does not impress me.

    Nutts Mahonie

    Great Review 👈


    Hey guys good review …. check your TOYOTA stats Re DYNAMIC FORCE ENGINE HP RATING IS ONE UP FROM HATCH 169. FYI.



    Arm’s All

    รถสวยดีคับ 😄😄

    Darrion Tunstall

    I love the 2020 Toyota Corolla!!! It’s very sexy and stylish, I may lease one for my first car or a 2020 Camry xse with red Interior! Happy Easter!!!

    Hans Pierre

    360th view, 40th like with 2 dislikes and 22nd comment! Always a pleasure!

    Mr. Martin

    New Corolla thiccccc

    Davin Peterson

    With the redesign, Toyota finally updated the under pinings which were very old in the previous Corolla

    Davin Peterson

    Unlike the Honda Civic, Toyota doesn't offer a performance version of the Corolla

    Davin Peterson

    I see Toyota removed the cruise control stalk and put buttons on the steering wheel. They've used the cruise control stalk for many many years

    Davin Peterson

    Manual can be hard to find as most are automatic

    RL Agito

    the physical first gear is win

    Davin Peterson

    The Civic has poor halogen headlights while the Corolla has LED lights standard on all trims

    Davin Peterson

    The trunk is still smaller then the Civic which is 15 cubit feet

    Davin Peterson

    Still missing Android Auto. Toyota should have upgraded the Entune system in the 2018 and 2019 instead sticking in the old outdated 2.0

    Davin Peterson

    On the outgoing Corolla you could get softex with cloth inserts on the SE and the XSE was full softex leather but not on the 2020 model

    Davin Peterson

    The Corolla is the only small car to have all those safety features standard even on the base model. So, even the base model is loaded with features

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