Thursday, March 23, 2023

2020 Toyota Corolla XSE – The Small Car Game Changer?

Main 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE – The Small Car Game Changer?

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    Christopher Guillory

    I like small cars, and I would seriously consider this new Corolla.

    sinister g

    Lol XSE and barley any options , typical backward Toyota 🤣

    Austin Garnier

    Looks like a Camry from 2007… The Elantra, Mazda 3 and even the Impreza all look better than this. That front reminds me of an old Chevy from certain angles. Time for Toyota to hire real designers for their upcoming models. The seats are interesting, though.

    James A

    Still not used to the lights

    Ivanov Preslav

    Much better than the honda civic

    Mickey Chubby

    Won't be surprised if both Corolla and Mazda 3 being the top two best selling at the end of the year as current civic design has been around for few years now and elantra threw in the towel voluntarily with the not so inspiring new design.

    jamie heim

    Not a big fan of the dash.


    Toyota should supercharge the Corolla instead of a turbo.

    Right Lane Hog

    "like, the hatchback's rear seat is just useless" Well said. That's why we need the Corolla wagon as a third option. #WeWantWagons

    James Stencil

    I wish you drove the hybrid

    Sab Manuel

    You guys deserve more subscribers!

    Omar Nuñez

    I'm not a Corolla guy, but this one it's pretty nice!! Finally a really decent Corolla, after all, it's the king.

    Alec W

    This or the Mazda 3?

    Davin Peterson

    Toyota has the most reliable CVT

    aayan goverski

    Please do Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

    Μαρτιν Μαρτ

    The best hands down

    Davin Peterson

    As you pointed, out Toyota is missing features that and is competitors offer and I don't know why Toyota won't offer those features. Of course, they are slow to adapt to new technology

    Scotty H

    Thank you for mentioning where the cars will be made. All auto reviewers/journalists should mention this important spec

    Davin Peterson

    Other competitors offer heated seats with cloth and heated steering wheel that Toyota doesn't offer. Heated steering wheel was only available in Canada

    Davin Peterson

    The style makes it look a tad bigger than the previous model. But it appears the rear seat is more cramped then the previous generation


    What is up with manufacturers not including fog lights on cars anymore?

    are ethhfd

    If only it came with the 300 hp engine from the Camry

    Dennis Scipio

    There's no doubt that this new corolla will be a good seller.

    Tim Kane

    Not a big fan of the Transformer’s School of Design the Japanese are employing these days. But even worse to go from over 41 inches (bigger than most midsize & fullsize cars) to under 35, basically losing nearly 7 inches of rear seat leg room seems like a huge mistake. It makes the current car more practical than the new one for people who haul people. So they have independent rear suspension but does it take up that much more room away from the rear seats? My 2017 Jetta has over (just) 38 inches or rear seat leg room AND a big trunk. This is a big design mistake in my book..

    Victor Diaz

    I would love to see Toyota bring the XRS back


    How come the hatch gets horrible fake exhausts when they gave the sedan a real tube, wtf toyota

    alex h

    can you do 2019 mazda 3, i personally think that as good as corolla

    TotalQuotient 72

    Front looks nice, back looks like 🤢🤢🤢

    Pentastar Nate

    You didn’t talk about how cheap the key is like you do on chrysler cars

    Bryan R.

    Fading in and out effects are extremely annoying

    Will Chatham

    I just hate the new trend in head units looking tacked on to the dash 🙄

    THorne H

    Great review as always! I don’t know why people would prefer a sedan over a hatch?! Hatches are so much easier to work with.

    Νικόλαος αἰσθητικός

    at least it looks better than the civic

    jwvfe fhuhfuhfuhf

    Man… the front is butt ugly

    Chris Gnay

    24:40 that was so intentional what Alex did 😂

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