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2020 Toyota GR Supra Full Road and Track Review!

Main 2020 Toyota GR Supra Full Road and Track Review!

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    It’s all here! The A90 Toyota GR Supra on the track, rural roads and even everyday lifestyle assessment. Spend time with Supra Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada …

    News that matter

    People would buy sports cars if they were priced reasonably. TOYOTA knew that very well and the reason for the partnership was to keep cost down to 50k. As said by Tada.

    Bong Lim

    Super hype Supra Lots of love & hate comments from "smart alec" people who is most likely not buying at all Only on YouTube

    Rafael Romero

    Rafael Romero

    Bob David

    The Bastard child of corporate money making 😂

    Greg Weik

    Excellent review, you should have more subscribers than DeMuro.


    Thank you for this thorough breakdown. I have watched a couple videos from other channels that completely discard a lot of information you included about this vehicle. Thank you for your dedication to making quality content!

    Ben Schrader

    Looking forward to when these hit the used market. As long as the market believes the mk.IV is the “last true Supra”, I’m confident these will be much more affordable after 10,000 miles on the odo


    Looks and sounds amazing! Just don't open the door and look inside. It's a murder scene in there.

    Anthony Tran

    I started a gofundme for this car, anyone want to donate? Lol 55k is a bit pricey but I think they priced it right for the performance you’re getting. Would be happy if it was in the 45k range though.

    Keith Ginyard

    Awesome informative review as always Tom.

    Ben Chan

    Love your review. It's now my most favorite retirement car.


    Hurry up and take my money already!

    Geo Engineering

    So what does this car do in the 1/4 mile?

    Ernest NA

    1,500 launch edition sold faster than a Space X rocket. Only $15,000 for the special floor mats, now that's optimistic thinking. I think this car is definitely worthy of the Supra name. I bet a good number of the owners gonna modify quite bit of this car.

    CB Glass III

    The markups on these will be cuckoo for a few years. Too bad parent companies can't, don't, or won't limit that.


    Great review and I agree there’s much more to like here than not. Even the transmission, if you have to have an auto, I’d be broad consensus among the best. I like the styling and proportions even though fake vents are a pet peeve- I guess you could consider them partially fu criminal as reserved for future use. One thing I don’t get though- is a little over 100hp/liter that impressive for a modern turbo sports car on premium fuel? It sound good and the torque figures good, but that seems a couple dozen horses light to me.


    I so badly want one. Great video.

    Billy Beheler

    It’s not only just Virginia it’s almost every common wealth state. I live in WV we are speed demons, but our neighbors are strict. KY, VA, OH

    Billy Beheler

    Hey I live in WV!

    D W

    "A true enthusiast" =Rebadges a hairdresser's Z4. Riiiiiiiiight.

    PD Lynch

    Watched again…no worries


    This looks quite a bit like a first generation BMW Z4 Coupé


    Yay, I get to watch it again! I love my M235i, love Toyota, this looks fun! Miata times two – awesome. Ha ha.. “watch the panic in my face..” I see it! 😆🤙

    jean-louis lonne

    I must admit prejudice against the BMW Z cars, something grates me about their look. Now, this SUPRA LOOKS Great!

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