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2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Review — On- and Off-Road Test Drive

Main 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition Review — On- and Off-Road Test Drive

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    We get behind the wheel of the 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. In this video, Dan Edmunds drives a special edition of the vaunted Land Cruiser that …


    What's your dream overland rig?

    Robert Howell

    2:24 He was doing good until this point where it shows he doesn't understand Land Cruiser nomenclature. Toyota never produced an "FJ100".


    I really really reaaaallly wish they sold these in Canada….

    guy proulx

    Toyota is the very best

    HM Car Reviews

    The land cruiser is one of the largest cars you can buy in the UK. Feels incredibly heavy and is not very fuel efficient but man I feel like a boss driving it.

    Dj Walk


    James Johnson

    If it wasn't in 4wd all the time maybe the fuel mileage wold be more acceptable . I mean come on. The average one wiill spend 98% of its life on road like everything else


    I love the Land Cruiser but that price is what kills it for me and probably most people. Bring us either a stripped down version or some of the other LC models we don't get in the USA and price it around 60k. I bet they will sell like crazy then! It seems to me CNBC just had a video about this exact thing if anyone wants to watch it. Love the SUV but at that price range, the average American just can't afford it or would even want to.

    George Travers

    I loved and miss my new 1975 FJ40. It was a pig on gas. But it pulled real strong with those 4.11:1 banjos.

    Madames et Monsieurs

    Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System… Nice looking ride, I didn't hear mention of the price? But… if it has a premium price tag, I'd certainly consider a 4runner TRD PRO.

    Camilo Gomez Keep

    Wouldn't the 8 speed auto benefit the 4Runner as well?

    Brian Eagon

    Great review- I have a black Heritage Edition ordered and arriving in late December. Elimination of the 3rd row, extra storage versus cooling box, deleting the running boards and side body molding makes it more appealing. Apple car play or Android auto- could care less, Pandora and/or ITunes will do just fine connecting through the media option. I’ll pay more to fill up the tank multiple times versus owning unreliable SUV’s, the net expense favors the LC versus the competition. The roof rack is detachable by the way.

    Robert Quattrini

    Way Overrated,Wayyyy Overpriced!!!! GAYOTA!!!!!!!!

    Norm T

    A new Land Cruiser is $76K while an Escalade is $64K on cars dot com. While a 2009 with less than150,000 miles the LC is $26K and a Escalade is $17K.  A new LX570 3-row is $92K while a 2009 is $27K.
    So the LC drops $50K and the Escalade only drops $48K.  Toyota LC is not luxurious and should not have that depreciation compared to another luxury marque.the LX is more like a luxury vehicle in it’s high depreciation of $65 in the last decade.


    7:07 I’m sorry… did you say “kidematic?”


    I’d prefer to have it with the jump seats. This is my number 1 vehicle to purchase. Love this thing!

    Jakub Strumiłło

    The best Land Cruiser was… LC105, 105 have body and drivetrain later model but still solid axles front and rear.

    Scott Anders

    Heard rumors Toyota is getting rid of the Land Cruiser in the US in 2 years

    James Chung

    I give the LC full respects but unfortunately, it is beyond my budget and needs. A 4Runner TRD Sport with a few options is good enough for me.

    Yue Lu

    3 lockers now?


    Awesome car, great review!


    I love my 200, but I would skip the Heritage Edition. The running boards are easy to remove (I've replaced mine with rock sliders). The third row can be removed in 15 minutes with hand tools. That roof rack adds a lot of noise and wind resistance in a truck that already gets poor fuel economy. And I really like the Coolbox in the center console — on long trips across country I always have a cold bottle of water available. The BBS wheels are nice, but I wouldn't spend $3k for them.

    The main disappointment I have is that Toyota didn't replace the infotainment system. Toyota, if you are reading this, put CarPlay into the Land Cruiser and will trade in my 2013.


    Overpriced fecal matter… NO sale.

    Ho Lee Fok

    The 1993 Land Cruiser design was my favorite.


    I love the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition but they removed the third row (yeah!), the running boards, and the cooler….. added a mediocre roof basket and some bronze wheels and charge $3000 more? OK………………..


    The 8 speed is shit

    Virg Fresco

    that thing is junk you need to own a gas station to satisfy that gas thirsty junk machine

    James Wisrik

    For $30k more than a Rubicon. I'd buy the LC. Proven legacy all over the world! UN, military, etc depend on one vehicle the LC! Only choice to get you there and back home! A bargain at $90k of peace of mind!

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