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2020 Volvo XC40: FULL REVIEW | Fashion Without Compromise!

Main 2020 Volvo XC40: FULL REVIEW | Fashion Without Compromise!

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    Let’s REVIEW and DRIVE the 2020 Volvo XC40! This R-Design is definitely one of the most stylish luxury CUVs, but with new competition is the XC40 still …

    Ashwin Jogaratnam

    Nice review car confection

    B Brunson

    Volvo has gone stupid. We want good, reliable cars that don’t look over the top. If Volvo keeps designing and building this crap, then it will not last until 2020. We want Volvo’s … morons.

    Jeff S

    I wish the R Design came with different seats as options (as in different colors and non suede inserts).

    Cars and country Life

    In a Volvo there is a Lexus bag

    Sammie Seoul

    great review…

    FooStacker Wilson

    I have heard it takes premium gas only is that true?? I would love to see you guys review the 2019 vw tiguan r line

    Le Juventino

    Nice car , not a fan of the interior .. thanks guys


    Female lawyers with husband's that work as a retailer are shook! 😂


    Sweet little crossover in my fave colour too. Great job guys! 😀


    Having to wait for the infotainment to boot before you can even change AC is retarded. And no power tilt/telescoping steering wheel? What the hell is the point of the seat memory then, since the steering wheel is a major component of driving position. No power outlet or USB in the center console? Volvo is also hurting the lineup by limiting all engines to 2L.

    Gašper Ajdnik

    I'm a machanic and a construkcion worker and a machanic engener and a truck driver. I'm osol a car guy 😎. Well done 👍

    Brandon Wigboldy

    Correction: the polestar upgrade does indeed increase both horsepower and torque.


    advanced cars with dated dealership buildings, financially, Volvo is still struggling with longevity.

    Logan Cotton

    Awesome review guys!!!

    Andre N

    Haha $55k fully loaded. Explorer ST anyone?

    Oddreign Odd

    The 2020 XC40 has one LESS feature than the 2019 model.

    No Rear electric folding headrests.


    Could purchase a fully loaded Acura RDX or Kia Telluride SX for the same price.



    Jordan Eric Collum

    The new Volvo’s are great but unfortunately they just had a major recall on 507,000!!! Cars

    Mikki Knox

    You didn't put +DRIVE in the title. Great review though!


    reminds me of the new rav 4

    Ryan Frisby

    Howdy, great review as always! As a fellow Central Kentuckian here, I agree, this July has been abnormally hot. Also, could I please request at Chevy Malibu review, thanks.😸😻😸

    Allen Watts

    Looking to get my first SUV. This is definitely a top contender.


    When I first saw this video it had 666 views 🤭

    J High

    I'm curious how many commentors will bash this as a "Chinese" vehicle while most likely watching this review on a smart device with a majority of Chinese made electronic components. Volvo is a Chinese car just like Jaguar-Land Rovers are Indian cars (Tata Motors), Mini-Coopers and Rolls-Royces (BMW) are German cars as are Bentleys, Bugattis and Lamborghinis (Volkswagen Auto Group). I guess even Nissan and Mitsubishi are French these days (Renault). No one ever seems to mention the ethnicity of those other brands ownership groups, except for Volvo…..hmmm🤓🤓🤓

    Hans Pierre

    504th view, 56th like, 19th comment with 1 dislikes! And this is still sexy!! 🔥

    Hans Pierre

    504th view, 56th like,

    Raymund G

    Still doesnt look as nice, might buy one but without ventilated seats might be a deal breaker here in Texas

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