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2021 BMW 4 Series M440i & 5 Series LCI INTERIOR & EXTERIOR by AutoTopNL

Main 2021 BMW 4 Series M440i & 5 Series LCI INTERIOR & EXTERIOR by AutoTopNL

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    vivek antoni

    Look how they massacred my boi!

    Average Bro

    Max is a slender man


    I'll take the old M4/M440i with each dated interior each and every day over this horrendous look of the new 4 series. The front is plain stupid and the rear is more like a Toyota or a Subaru,

    Heisenberg 99

    Love the new 5 series lci, great work from bmw, but come on… That 4 series front is just ugly, weel i guess i'll buy a f82 m4


    Still looks fugly.


    There is a reason why I keep continuing buying at Mercedes-Benz. Yes, those cars might look dull in comparison, but BMW´s tend to look more and more hideous imho.

    cat 8.0

    Why every body hate those grills. Me i love those grills its looks good 😁

    Hank Brukowski

    That grill looks like Nicki Minaj's ass.


    Strange that they decided not to improve the awful digital gauge cluster.

    Nnlz Sunny

    4 series looks good but the front is so ugly. I can’t believe bmw did that. The front is by far the worst of all time and I hope that literally no one will buy this shit car


    Man i love so much BMW, but this grill is so ugly, and the dedign gets worse each year


    M-pack it's not good choice for 4-series

    Paul Ev

    Both are agly! Interior also is cheep and agly! They need once to watch the interiors of Mb for example…


    The 5'er looks much better. The 4's grill definitely looks better with the number plate, but if it's blacked out, it would help a lot.


    The 4 series might be the same case as it was with 5 series E60… in 2003 that car was considered ugly but 17 years later it still looks 'fresh'

    xdbxl Silvio

    i quite like it


    Lol wtf. They fckd up the 4 series and made the 5 series look like a big 3 series.

    Ash Neel

    A face only a mother could love..

    Maxi_. 486

    5er geht klar, 4er übel hässlich 🤢

    Maxim Geentjens

    Zo mooi the 4😁




    I had been waiting for this new 4 series since the sale of my previous 4 series two years ago. I had the opportunity to purchase it but after consideration I felt that the grille, even though not as horrible as I thought it would be, would always tell me that there was something wrong with my car – which feeling I never felt once with my previous 4 series. I finally went to Audi for my brand new car coming in a few months! Enjoyed the vid, thanks !

    Alper Ekinci

    5 series Looks good 👍🏽

    Đặng Thủy Chuyên

    Did you know why Mers Benz beat BMW. Beacause they rarely make mistake and failure step. And look at BMW. I dont like the way they design interior. Crystal Gear? Gesture control?. 8 series ?. And this. Very very big grill?


    I guess the face-lifted 3 series will also get this ridiculous grill..

    Life of Vian

    Getting famous off of comments day 2, so I can live the dream!

    MaNxei Plays



    뇌이징 완료 이젠 이쁘다

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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