Thursday, March 23, 2023

2021 Cadillac Escalade // HANDS-DOWN the BEST Escalade Ever Built! (in-depth review)

Main 2021 Cadillac Escalade // HANDS-DOWN the BEST Escalade Ever Built! (in-depth review)

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    This 2021 Cadillac Escalade is an icon, so join us for the MOST IN-DEPTH REVIEW of this all-new $100K flagship Cadillac! We’re going to go over all the new …

    Niyaz Nazar

    Looks good. But ain't nobody missing the old style vertical headlight design?

    Oga Kemmy

    Rich people car

    will Starr

    headlights to small…….

    dj grant

    wait Cadillac came out with the sport trim on the prev gen

    Michael Vegas

    You both are really well dressed in this video. Your grooming is truly on point. Very professional!! Keep it up gents! 🎩

    Josh McQueen

    Leatherette on an Escalade?…classy. 🤔

    Carlos Arias

    Very good review.

    phyo phyowai

    2 flagship suvs reviewed, thanks a lot , Drew and Mason!!!! really respect you!!!

    Superman lucharé por la justicia

    Goodbye Range Rover Rest in Peace✌

    Superman lucharé por la justicia

    Goodbye england✌

    Shahrukh Abbas

    Lexus lx 570, Infiniti QX80 and Range Rover are the king of all SUVS.

    Alvin Nguyen

    Review the GMC Yukon XL Denali

    Alvin Nguyen

    How come you guys didn’t test drive it? 🤔


    Can't wait for the drive reviews of this.


    Still no four zone climate control for that price

    Hardik M Shah

    @13:13 oh boy, waiting for these displays to break & Caddy charging a sweet $10000 to replace.


    It need more bling.. That grill is dull..


    These are regularly seen all over Manhattan


    Drew and Mason, I commend you for dressing up for this presentation! You’re showing respect for the “King of SUV’s”. I noticed no Burger King coupons either. Yet another sign you both would love to own one of these and take out all your friends and family to the classy places in town! Very evident, you both enjoyed your time in Indiana! Excellent job and review!

    A YouTube Channel with no name

    Cadillac ❤️

    Tiny Tom Cruise

    This looks taller than before

    Robdesksea Sea

    Any chance to review te GMC Yukon AT4 2021? Great Video.


    Stay safe guis the pandemic is far from over

    Elias Roy

    Oh no coupons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😔

    Ricardo Reyes

    That's all nice and all, but how many coupons can it store?!

    kbw rvwhntr

    That's great that you two were invited way out of town to do that review. If you had to spend the night, hope you were able to sanitize the room of wherever the lodging was. I haven't stayed in a hotel or let alone been anywhere out of town since this crazy pandemic. But Cadillac hit a home run with this one! That huge dashboard and the speakers on the headrest is what really stands out on the inside.

    Bill Parr

    looks like loaf of bread in black

    Michael Miller

    I'm surprised they didn't go with push button transmission.

    Anime Kings.r

    Live how they dress professional when they went at that dealer ship

    Anime Kings.r

    I live he says the mirrors are fully loaded like their guns or something 😂😂

    benjaminpizza vargas

    oohhh you dressed for the ocation yaass…. anyway, I don't trust GMC

    Kevin Barry

    That's General Motors thinking; if the screen is good, a really really big screen must be great.


    Watch out, Navigator. Cadillac didn’t come to play.

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