Tuesday, March 21, 2023

2021 Toyota Highlander XSE First Look

Main 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE First Look

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    Jennie Stevens

    A masterpiece.

    John Webb

    It looks like a Ford in the front and it's still, somehow, the most attractive Toyota in years.

    Brady B

    Nice ride


    Any news about the new Sienna or Venza hybrid models,are they going to show this models in Chicago?


    Side profile is giving me Toyota Sienna.

    sun and moon


    Martin Riggs

    I love Toyota, but holy crap that front end looks so dated. Lately they’ve been making good looking cars. The I come across this video.

    just mike

    they should make all the front end highlanders look like that. the seats look awful.

    Bro Pro

    toyota gets ugly every year .


    i think Hyundai designer is better

    Dan S

    Looks very Hyundai…

    Norm T

    Pulling out the Special Edition mostly before new Highlander is on the dealership lot. What will do when sales slow, SE-2?

    Ju L

    0:12 looks like a Ford Taurus…

    Alexander Huang

    Looks like a Hyundai


    10/10 for wearing camo Alex.

    Is it me or does the front end remind me of the newer fords?

    Donnie McSeo

    looks like a bloated minivan


    Red seat are lame. Looks like someone died. And the bumper design is also a poor design. It looks like it is reaching out for the curb or a rock.
    Never buy a SUV that cannot accept a winch on the bumper and a wench in the passenger seat.

    Cyril Matthew

    But why cant they make some handling and performance elements


    LOVE IT 🔥.

    This looks damn good. Toyota is definitely coming out with some eye catching products.

    Iouri Goman

    So gray…. great I mean! 😂

    A person

    I thought it was a Hyundai or ford at first

    Jewels Fields

    yay!! 2021 cars! This looks great. I wonder how much it cost

    Randy Shackleford

    When is Toyota gonna reveal the 2021 Sienna? They've updated the RAV 4 and highlander so many times in the 10 years the sienna has been the same 😫


    WTF, no dual exhaust?

    Liger King

    One of my favorite car review channels. A fascinating first look review! Well done, Alex!


    One another "aggressive look" wannabe crossover fossil crap 🙁

    gerry swift

    Red kills it for me.

    K M

    Hey Alex, what SUVs are in the same size category that have larger cargo areas? In the market for one. Thanks

    Syd Ali

    Nopes… the front, absolutely no.
    Toyota fan boys are going to be hurt. I get it, i was one too, once.😛

    Oleksii Mykulevych

    Ha! nice new look is it lasik surgery or contact lens?


    that highlander is big on the current lexus theme


    I am sorry but that grill has prevented me from buying a Toyota or Lexus since it came out. Fugly it is! Thank god German designers are keeping it classy and as long as they do, thats where my money keeps going.

    matt R

    I'm gonna check the xse out I didnt like the look of the other trims but this one definitely helps with that

    Walter 777 Smith

    Honestly I went to the dealer to see it. I sit inside check every the tale and I swear to God I was disappointed . Every U tube chanel every add New Highlander is coming wow so many people exciting . But in reality it's nothing like German look so plain boring . People I think it's better to wait for Redesign ACCURA MDX . May they will bring something existing.

    Ryan McCormick

    That lower fascia lol


    Who disliked this video? HE'S TRYING TO SHOW YOU A CAR.

    Drone Downunder

    Yep, like it. I have had a couple and was never fond of the styling. That variant is largely on the money for me.

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