Wednesday, March 29, 2023

24 Hours in the GTR Challenge!

Main 24 Hours in the GTR Challenge!

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    Yup, the title says it all. @tomasuhh and I take on the 24 hour challenge in my Skyline GTR! Will we make it? Find out! If you guys want to see us do any other …

    Manny 2003

    23:25 how did you guys turn on the fan?

    Jacob Low


    Anthony Hernandez

    You think ima sit here and watch 40 min of illiminate?…. FUCK YES

    Joshua Nguyen

    Thomas is high as hell look at his eyes they not even open lmfao

    Symon Torres

    Filipino Lumpia Crew… this video is funny AF

    Y C

    Y’all should get a buss and do a 24 hours with the whole illiminate squad


    I’m not an Asian and I don’t live in the bay but I am an e-diot

    Bruce Wayne

    Great vid


    I wonder why thomas always laugh at everything 😂



    ll Dont-Make-Me ll

    Damn I watched the whole video and I was dying with Thomas jokes 😂

    read this

    Is the rest on pornhub?


    Spent $140 on the collab hoodie

    Donavin Nguyen

    I’m a E-Idiot from Denver🤘🔥

    Jose Martinez

    @37:53 that's how most mexican uncles be looking after the quinceañera is over 😂

    Darren Ma

    Shoutout to BlackPink with the fire music

    Angel Escobar

    I fucking love Thomas no homo like if u agree

    Christian Bacud

    Thomas funny af 😂😂😂😂😂


    im asian from 🇹🇷

    King Kang

    trashhh lmaoo that psychopathic spork

    NeRd Paradox

    Everybody in illiminate should do the 24 hr in their car challenge together

    Khang Vu

    Whole lotta smere shit ya heard❤️🗣

    Daniel Joseph Tajon

    I thought you guys a have a new member lol

    Khang Vu

    My nigga bry


    can you please put the wallpaper on your phone on your ig story? looks killer! i wanna use it

    Salvador Hernandez

    3:47 Thomas made me laugh tf up😂😂


    Ayeeee a Blink!

    Melodies NO LYRICS

    When you literally don’t have shit to do! Lol

    RobloxFan 2008

    Sup randy it’s me but you don’t know who i am and i am the one who subscribe to you last year please pin this comment i bet you will not but you will so if you ever checked this video again i will thank to you


    If I ever meet randy I will never shake his left hand 😂

    Nathan Werner

    thats a scam you guys got out to turn on and off the fan

    Alfred Tv

    damn that 40 minutes is quick i didnt even feel it


    every one needs a thomas in there friend group

    xxboy_ nastyxx

    Wtf idk if anyone else notice that Thomas put three fingers up when he said four shots 😂😂

    Unknown Yangsta

    Not from SJ but from Sac Town. Keep the channel strong like you and your friends!!!

    John Nguyen

    I asked Chick-fil-A for 1 sauce packet and they gave me a bag full… exceptional service!

    Bryce Santos

    love the shoutout to blackpink💕

    worldwide street imports

    Wanna order a hood but 6xl

    Jonathan Reyes

    I watched this hole video it was so cool that I thought it was like 20 minutes

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