Saturday, March 25, 2023

$350 BMW E36 Turned Safari Car Gets Shredded in the Desert #Sickcar

Main $350 BMW E36 Turned Safari Car Gets Shredded in the Desert #Sickcar

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    Now that Sickcar is done, and in full Safari spec, what better way to break it in than in the desert with our finest off-road shredder buddy Darren Parsons.


    I think hert got so pale from the fast driving he almost looked white


    Really sucks this turned into a Polaris AD. HATE those things. What you guys turned shitcar into is an awesome concept. Could have been something spectacular if some real effort was put into it. Love that's it's Nissan powered and old school Nissan Desert race truck racing colors.

    cameron nataucappo

    Sick car became even shittier car that looks nicer


    Y'all need y'all balls replaced 🤣🤣

    my friend

    Damn I've missed a lot🤣 shitcar isn't rear turbo'ed anymore

    cnmmd qiuoo

    Can you guys like actually fix the E36? I get that it's Shit Car but a little extra effort to actual make it run for more than 2 seconds would be nice to see.

    Roam Free

    Hert gets on Vinny but won't get in…

    cat piss

    I spent the whole vid looking for XJ shots….cant get enough of that thing


    This is why I voted LS for the 💩 car. It's the only choice when you just need the car to work. For a hobby, pick anything that suits your fancy. For a work vehicle, pick an LS.

    Hert is just afraid he's gonna find a new expensive hobby.

    mr gucci

    11:11 how fast was that


    If Vinny isn't going to ride passenger i will! That looks fucking awesome!


    i hit dislike for throwing rocks at sickcar

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

    All that money thrown at it and shitcar breaks lol

    Bobson Dugnutt

    Cool but it just turned into a Polaris commercial

    Cameron L

    Hert: "Jolly, get in"
    Jolly: "Okay"
    Jolly needs to be the 'designated ride-along', Dr. Jolly. That dude was having a blast.

    cale ledford

    It’s got 4 seats both of you get in.

    Nathan D. Gutierrez

    Vinny the sqweeze


    Hoonigan is just some shirt selling youtube video making lames.. why not make something that it's actually useful.. anyone can sell t shirts and make youtube videos..

    Trevor Smith

    Hert was so scared riding in the razor he turned white as a ghost


    Your balls will drop one day….hopefully

    danny torres

    Please tell me you guys will eventually plan on entering sick/shit car and scumbag in Baja!!!! I will fly my ass to Baja for this!!!


    I wish I had a shitcar to just throw rocks at lol that thing is beastly

    Raylon Randall

    I love how they name a car “shit car” beat it to a pulp then complains that’s it’s a shitty car🤔

    Kacee Savage

    You can take the car out of the shit but you can’t take the shit out of the car.


    Darren looks a lot like sam hyde lmao

    Clayton Sage

    Damn I really hope you guys button up sick car and actually make it sick.

    Ryan Maestas

    They need to get a real cage on that rzr.

    Bill of rights

    You tucking destroyed it

    Bill of rights

    You guys piss me off with shitcar

    Bill of rights

    You said vagtra on instagram

    Tyler Brush

    Need to know what sunglasses Vin has on

    Gustavo Figueiredo

    Y'all have to make another BAJA UPDATE! (1000) with ScumBug and (Sick)ShitCar! Please!

    Kai Salus

    y'all really took sickcar out without checking on brad's wiring? lol

    Kenneth Paoli

    The disrespect for shitcar continues!

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