Saturday, March 25, 2023

363HP Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8T *BIG TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT!] by AutoTopNL

Main 363HP Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.8T *BIG TURBO* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT!] by AutoTopNL

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    When you want the supra but u landed a few countries short

    Vip Coconut

    sounds like cheap vaccum cleaner at 4000rpm 😂

    siddhartha rivas


    Car Nut


    Callum Ratcliffe

    Title adds up to 36=666 can you explain max=m=6 a=1 x=6 =13 REBELLION masonic LUCIFERIAN number hidden in plain site as a car show explain please take note I already know the answer so take that into mind if you don't tell the public the truth!

    Spartan 117

    Un coche digno que da la talla…ante otros coches mucho más caros..(otros más caros no llegan a 280 kilómetros hora)

    davide finotti

    WTF that's insane


    Very good nice video. Keep it up guys. I like it max. Keep uplode the video. You will success

    Эмиль Садыхов

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    I have one of these mapped to 240bhp and it’s quick. This must be nuts 😊

    Sheer Lock

    Weird exhaust sound. Is it broken?

    Daniele Per

    Grande max 👍


    How can you hate on a dsg ?


    ahh skiddy VAG turbo alu engines…. they dont even last 50k stock, let alone tuned lmao

    Roy_ 2222

    The car from my country, Spain (yes I know that it is pretty much a volkswagen) but still, a spanish brand

    Viliga Cristian

    Keep your hands on the wheel, when you drive fast like this. 😀


    A little car that could.


    Holy Moly this little car is fast af

    Lucas Wolgast

    I've got a golf 4 1.8t with 350ish HP if you'd like to try


    For some reason these cars are stupidly fast. I have a Leon Cupra 290, and i've raced some superior cars and not been left behind. Only thing they need is to be awd

    Jay Jay

    Free advertising very clever on their part, every company that has worked on it has a sticker on…. Nice 👌

    Josefin Kjellsson

    This is the only car I respect more then Mine cupra r..but it’s so small 😬

    dude pls

    8:55 ofc its faster in normal mode because driver is feeling a little bit more safe 🤏😅

    Federico Isorna

    We know a car is very quick when Max says: HOLY MOLY!

    Николай Николаев



    I have a same size turbo on my 1.2 TSI Golf and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner 😂 and i love it.
    But we got arround 250 HP only.
    Thats the maximum what a 1.2 can Produce😂
    100-200 is 12.5 seconds.
    0-100 i was able to get 6,6 but theres a lot of wheelspin😅

    Julian Grimoldi

    holy shit, this little beast is not a pocket rocket, it´s more like a pocket missile. I Have a seat leon 1.8t (same engine) with a stage 2+ (around 260hp and a shitload of torque) and it´s very freaking fast, i cant imagine how it will feel with 100hp more and 200kg less.
    Congratz to the owner, a awesome little missile

    Jose Silva

    Almost 300 kph on a B segment? Even with all the mods, it's still dangerous… But yes, really fast car… I wonder how much would it reach without the limiter? But without the limiter, serious balls required… That chassis is not made for those speeds… Mods not withstanding… Be careful.

    Aleksa Kasavica

    Please always put a whole car in the thumbnail and not only interior, i think more people would be interested in watching that way too


    typical vag with engine light ON ahahahahahhahaahhahahaha

    Amin Haq

    Who says you need a v8 to enjoy yourself.


    двери закрываются как на газели

    El Toro García

    Hay subtítulos para los que los vemos en México?

    Juan David García

    Arriba España ostia 🇪🇸

    keine ahnung

    boy, its not a rallye gearbox, dont kill the gearbox or please drive an automatic

    voice of reason

    I think because they are a bit dull when standard people overlook the Polo and Ibiza hot hatches. However when modded they seem fast and fun for the money.

    Braxx Juventa

    NIce car! 👍😁


    The author of the channel as a woman in each video groans, simulates an orgasm!


    Really love this vehicle. Want to buy one. But when come to in India ?

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