Monday, March 27, 2023

3D Printing Our First Car Parts!

Main 3D Printing Our First Car Parts!

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    In today’s episode we are 3d printing a custom designed vent for the wide body Huracan. If you’re in the market for a printer head to …


    B is actually for banana.

    Aaron Keener

    This is freakin bad @ssed!


    P is for Print. You looked very comfortable doing the design on the laptop. I know it's your core skill. Less Play and more Production needed. Show us a list of the other things you are going to print for this car. More experienced printers are posting good tips that should reduce your learning curve by quite a bit. Take notes.


    FYI if you use a paint stripper that contains methylene chloride (dichloromethane) you can solvent weld PETG or PLA plastic together. It's effectively the same as welding it with the printer pen but probably a bit less time consuming.


    I was going to suggest venting the room with the 3D printer due to the recent talk about VOCs involved with 3D printing but then I saw you sanding the part with no mask in said room. Safety is not the number one priority it seems.


    Maybe you should check non planar slicing for curved surfaces?

    Vojtěch Nekvapil

    Try to print it verticaly, sitting on a split plane with brim to secure it . = no support, less material, less time and almost no sanding. With PETG it works for me with these kind of shapes.

    Two Stroke

    my tevo taratula prints 10x better :D:D:D:D:


    A better way to joing piece together is to get a cup of ACETONE and stick in a bunch of ABS filament or ruined prints, it will melt into a goop, you can now use this to glue pieces together, bonds super strong.

    Ben Callahan

    F Kyle

    a a

    Dont inhale that sanding shit, increase cura support gap to atleast one layer (if you're printing at 0.3mm, put 0.3mm support gap), enable ironing, then you're good

    x dubz x

    I think Kyle should stick to drywall instead of 3d prints.

    Peter Lee

    If that is a mold, a form , or an armature for external use…why not make it porous or matrix status so that CARBON FIBER SKINS CAN OVERLAY AND REINFORCE. ..OR…IS THIS THE CHOICE BECAUSE CARBON FIBER STUFF IS TOO DIFFICULT..OR…?

    lewis garton

    Should have printed the Utah teapot 😉

    Ryan White

    Is there going to be any videos on the boat?


    B is for Boring

    Vladimir Gorev


    Apollo Crowe



    3d printing is really fun, been doing it for 3 years now, built my first one in 8th grade, and the cr-10 is a great printer, good work man, have fun

    Nuffins McDindu

    sanding plastics made in china indoors with no respirator….nice.

    Shane Drake

    Chris, I print car parts for a living full time. any questions let me know

    Charles Boyte

    I voted!!

    Matthew Janssens

    Will you be going to Edmond Mondi’s youtuber race wars? Would love to see you and the hurracan there!

    Josh Story

    Y would u leave it to run unattended it mite b boring to watch but humans can see an error before a computer


    Do another boat video please 🙂


    are you gonna wide body the printer

    Banana Sloth Games

    I live pretty close and have access to big University stratysis 3d printers at college if you need anything

    Banana Sloth Games

    The bridging would be much better with more cooling from the fan

    Benn Dover

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to help this guy out and share his content. the links are below , please tell him who sent you



    Now if you could convert a car hoist into a printer, you could print the whole car.

    Youknow_me_thatkidfromalaska L

    To keep it sticking to the plate cover it in blue tape works amazing🙌

    Graham Lake

    10:05 LOL!


    my bed isnt flat try working on that xD

    David LaMarche

    If you do anything, get the glass bed for it from Creality.

    Reanu Keeves

    F for Kyle's hand! Hope he's alright!

    Timothy Findlay

    You need dual extenders with dissolvable filament for the supports, easy cleanup and better finish, especially if you have a low infill.

    DBDannyBeeDB Bee


    DBDannyBeeDB Bee

    fuckin asshole

    scott doleac

    It’s never crossed my mind to use the pen to join large pieces. Your a genius

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