Monday, March 20, 2023

4 Door Skyline Color Reveal!

Main 4 Door Skyline Color Reveal!

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    Let me know what you guys think about the color! Been wanting to try wrapping my car for a long time and you guys want more content right?! I GOTCHU!

    Jose Alatorre
    Rafael Quevedo

    Been subscribe seen 7000 subscribers Yee get it randy seen you grow a lot my dude keep it up 💯 🤙✌️👍🔥

    Haggard Welding


    danny phuong

    What happened to Randy’s girlfriend?


    who tf is isaac

    Thiên Tường

    Tomas's face is truly, purely entertaining lol

    Christian-Elijah Peebles

    Illiminate hotboy livery?

    Chris Chan

    When the s14 was roller painted lol #tb

    Drew Nguyen

    “Wax on wax off”

    Samuel Baik

    S L A P that brand logo nice and big on the walls!


    Get better tools !

    Kenneth Seguritan

    Real friends help each other. Must be nice to have friends like that.


    Ándale wey mueve las nalgas vato locooo

    Mike T27

    3:07 damn Randy you crazy bro lol 😂😂👌💯💯

    Matt Gomes

    just bought the slides g up

    eesa naveed

    dammmmm son that looks niceeeeeeeeee boyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Rafael Garcia

    So nobody gonna talk about his beef with Christian

    Miguel Gradilla


    Chedyn Kotara-Stanley

    If you ain't subbed you a bitch

    Ricky Meza

    Damn everybody just waiting for randy to bust moves to tag along.


    more Roy please

    Eagle Esi

    3:07 had like wtf 😂😂😂

    Jesus Andrew

    OG sub 👌🏽 bring back the cholo vlogs randyyyyy


    it does remind me of those og days.
    glad that peter finally been showing up more nowadays lol

    Donn Milan

    OG subscriber 😤


    Visit brailehouse randy search them up on YouTube there in the San Jose area as well !!!!


    Been here since the s2k video with Rae Sremmud in the background of the song loool been following ever since!

    Juan Gallardo

    Been Subscribed Since KT Got His Roof Rapped In Gloss Black!!! Y'all Have Come A Long Way And Congrats Again On The illiminate Warehouse!!! 🙏💯💯

    Kim Omthang

    Lowkey loved that skateboarding 🛹 scene 🤭


    I swear vu always eating or sleeping in the vids

    manuel montano

    shiiit i been watching since the 240 was all sorts of colors

    mudda boolshit

    You guys need some sick graffiti or mural on the wall to represent illminate

    Joseph White

    That hospital flip tho

    henry Johnson

    Bro the old days when he did his own primer for the wrecked 240

    Jose Urzua

    U guys need to buy big sizes

    carlos carbajal

    Og since u started much love to all u guys from Fresno California


    I fucking love this channel‼️, keep up with the good work randy🙏🏽🖤

    Andy Bui

    It might be easier to remove emblems with a heat gun and floss

    Slippyjoe 97

    you guys deserve the world, you all went from nothing to something. ive followed since the beginning and honesty last video i had a tear in my eye. so proud of the gang #illiminate

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