Monday, March 20, 2023

$400 Mouse Infested Mr2 Build!

Main $400 Mouse Infested Mr2 Build!

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    The episode shoulda been called mice and men..


    That sad dusty supra in the end I want it lol


    i love how kyle left the poo there for trev

    Andreas Ittensammer

    Wago soooo much deserves a good Paintjob also!!!!

    金3 A.M.

    I’m really hyped for this build, more so than any other build because it’s going to be a streetable daily


    11:40 "There's no clenching with this one", I have some gut issues and I can say, I feel you bro. Nothing nicer than being totally unable to go (either sick/to tired) or not at home/ in a car and no bushes nearby and starting to feel that particular diarrhea pain creep up. Sometimes I get too much acid and when it gets to the exit it feels just like that, randomly getting that is miserable, I fear getting it and being in a situation like that. Being a little bit of a clean freak doesn't help at all.


    11:10 wasn't expecting a sick Merc to hang around in front of Honda boosting headquarters.


    "It's like hitting 2 step on the starter" boostedboiz revolutionary racecar technology.

    Motley Crue Morris

    God dammit!! Why didn't you gas it until it blew!!

    Dago Rodriguez

    Knock knock
    Whos there?
    400$ mr2 😀

    RTS Motorsport

    Another great vid 👍👍

    But whats the story with Emilio? Was once the main stay with Kyle but were seeing less and less of him with Hondaru and The Supra.

    Daniel Schultz

    The beards unite lol

    DAT Blue Husky

    dont gut the interior

    Dr. Blunce M.D.

    That thing would be sick J swapped


    2AR or 2GR swap


    J Swap + little turbo for the mr2!! Basically a poormans daily nsx…

    Dylan Colbert

    Literally eating chicken pad Thai while watching this 😂

    Jason Smith

    Missing wago


    Get some kitty litter down! Roman been doing the lube! Careful unloading the MR2 with its new paint!

    Fefe Firecrackers

    J swap it

    Travis Burch

    Check out Sarah-n-tune YouTube channel she has a black stripe on her MR2

    Charlie Burton

    Loving the channel team work. Keep it up. ;).

    The Yeti

    Hey Kyle. You should get the MR2 painted metallic teal.

    Scott Dial

    Dude I bet your insurance is high lol you have literally 7 cars I’m sure not all of them are insured, such as the prelude

    guido heeling

    i still think you should J swap the red MR2! It will have torque to the moon! Plus it will be a nice chance to learn some stuff about the J-series from Brent..

    -Davidson- -SRVT-

    I like how Pedro worked his ass off helping y’all remodel the shop, yet you still have yet to work on his car.👎

    Malloy Stale

    Just run the damn light!!!! ahahha

    Malloy Stale

    This chicken Pad Thai !!!! lmfao!!!!!!!

    Anonymous69 _

    Watch the engine be run by rats

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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