Tuesday, March 21, 2023

420cc ATV vs Monster Truck Go Kart

Main 420cc ATV vs Monster Truck Go Kart

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    Our Predator 420cc rat rod ATV vs the monster truck go kart! Two of our most capable off road projects go head to head in trail riding and a circuit race.

    Lopaka Alves

    Monster truck just needs 4×4 and would be mint


    Wicked tension at the end haha. Loved it! Funny seeing ike stuck.


    Why doesnt the atv give power to the front wheeels when in the mud? Or wasnt it engaged for that challenge?


    Maybe you need to think about putting a removable roll cage on the monster truck for safety reasons.

    Tyler Broome

    I think it was a pretty close race between the 2

    Jason Petrich

    Mabey a tube bumper and 2500 winch for the atv, probley a good upgrade

    Jason Petrich

    The atv. Looked to be doing very good out there, she moves a bit now

    Jason Petrich

    Love it guys this was awesome and the pooorlaris. Great name!!!!! You guy did a great job!!!!!


    Man, send it! Go all out.

    Bob’s Barn Workshop

    Ike must have a motorcycle seat he can put on his contraption!

    Nicholas Duckney

    Go Mini-Monster Truck, that thing is a little beast

    Eli Renigar

    The monster truck needs reverse 😁

    M C

    I'd like to see the 420 built up a bit with better tires on the ATV but to really send it over the top make a fiberglass truck body large enough for IKE and turn that 4WD ATV into a mini monster truck that will easily chase down JOHN lol.

    Actually I really just want to see you guys make a fiberglass mini truck body. the- ( Cars and Camera's Crusher) .

    Tyrone_ da_moose

    Itp mudlites are one of the best not overly aggressive mud tire on the market.

    Mydnight Demon

    Ike the engine demolisher strikes again!!! Lol


    Put tank style tracks on the monster truck

    Matt Kuhlman

    I'd like to see a wider frame on the monster truck. It's just too tipsy and I think y'all would be amazed at what it would do as a rock climber.

    Karolis 1

    HAHA 420


    I'm still hoping for something related to the honda Davidson, hands down one of my favorite projects.


    When Ike was crossing that creek and went full send, all I could hear in my head was Jeremy Clarkson screaming "POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWERRRR!" LOLOL.

    Thanks for the video guys. Keep up the awesome projects. Love ya!!

    shon m

    man that sucks that it quit but the rebuild will be awesome good thing you guys have go power sports to help ya out, when i was young an did stuff like that it set for months till i could figure out something… lol good vid guys

    Georgie Presley

    Ike my man put a cup of diesel in your oil and change the plug and fire it off for 20 seconds and the. Change the oil and it will run

    drive it break it fix it

    When they have those air filters lined up and I can’t afford one

    Greg Smith

    I don't think the monster truck did any better the polaris cruised through some bumpy ground with ease where the monster truck had to be pushed over or flip backwards.

    Colton Brott

    If you press the yellow button on the left side of the bars it ingauges the front locker than it becomes a true 4×4

    Grim Reaper

    Love it! Haha great video guys!

    Jamie Woodhouse

    Poorlaris 😭😭😭

    Thomas Raymond Garner

    You should make the monster truck four-wheel-drive

    Doc Ink

    I don't understand why Ike kept putting his feet up. Monster truck did outperform the slick tires on the four by four… I call for a rematch. Maybe take the body off when you're going to rough road it? The larger electric kids toys have bodies of a similar size

    Mark Dillon

    Some new tread would help lol

    Justin Dickie

    Man that quad is ugly awesome but ugly


    420 Stage More … Hell yeah!!!


    The only "monster truck" on the planet that uses less than full throttle.

    James Beemer

    I think you guys are due for tires with a little more meat on them. Other then that love the vehicles great job with all the work you put into them also I think a winch from harbor freight would help to

    Southside bogging boyz GA

    When you gonna snorkel the four-wheeler

    Mitchell Lewis

    Wheres the video of the Mini Bike Gambler Run?

    Hariash murugadass

    yes yes

    macbdo 1996

    Who else watched the whole safer wholesale ad ?


    Time for a roll bar(in the least) on ye olde monster truck!

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