Monday, March 27, 2023

420cc Polaris 4WD ATV Swap!

Main 420cc Polaris 4WD ATV Swap!

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    We’re installing a Predator 420cc engine on a Polaris Hawkeye 300 4wd ATV! A lot of you wanted us to fix the 300cc engine and reinstall it on the 4 wheeler, but …

    Blazingstuipid 3

    Duramax 18hp motor on it

    Braydon Dorgelo

    What did u do guyss???? 🙁 good try though, please can u get the old engine running?? U cut the original torque converter in half 🙁

    FunasheXtimes l

    Electric gokart build.
    It would be a god challenge for you guys


    Ahh the Blaster Little bro to the BANSHEE! Had both there very fun!

    Ty Ward

    Do whatever you have to do to get it running as soon as possible then worry about the details later. It’s just a Prototype, you’ll make the nice one later. It’ll Be Fine

    john smith

    fuck the lawn mower engine, and fuck busco beach

    Liam Watts

    Open it up!!


    Grinder+metal=hot ya goof.

    Harry. B. Renner. jr.

    Do those 420 engines come with oil in them if so must be a defective engine.


    He totally smoked that 420.


    You guys should do a rotary go kart. That is if you ever find an engine


    Did you forget to put oil in it? Usually small engines are shipped dry!

    Logan Hinc

    I also have a blaster 200. Parts are cheap on amazon!!!

    //Hard R//

    Can we see something reliable for fuck sake

    fantastic RC

    I had to look away from the cutting of the motor plate ugh!

    Hank Burton

    Oil ? Lol

    Patrick Moore

    ROFL thats going to happen with no Oil in it or Break in Oil!
    cant keep running it once the metal gets in the oil you should have changed it after the first ride!

    Dillon Booth

    LS swap somthing

    LS swap somthing

    LS swap somthing

    Ryan P

    Pick up a cheap Klx110 and do some mods👌

    Keaton’s carlott

    The engine overheated because he weren't going anywhere

    Conan-the-Barbarian Bryant-420

    Great build bros i love all you'alls builds but i love the motorcycle. Two wheeled builds the best

    Flawless IIXII

    Put the Ducati on it

    kx two-smoke

    That blaster will be an awesome series. Thanks for the video.

    Tommy Rebbec

    Put any oil in the engine since it was new??

    Philip Syverson

    Hey isaac april fools

    gene miller

    thats the biggest problem with getting parts im guessing that quote is from a polaris dealer is that one out of production

    Philip Syverson

    Can we get a tally of how many engines isaac has locked up? Lol sorry man

    B Curtis

    I've done this swap, but I built a buggy out of the quad first. Works great stage 3!

    Stealth Ninja

    These guys sure love their lawn mower engines

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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