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5 Chinese Car Parts You Should Never Buy

Main 5 Chinese Car Parts You Should Never Buy

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    Car parts. 5 Chinese Car Parts You Should Never Buy, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Where to buy car parts. Buying car parts online. Buying Chinese …

    Scotty Kilmer

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    Peter Briganti

    Kum Den.

    Kyler Walker

    I work for dorman products I pick all the parts for dorman to ship out to stores like autozone o'rileys and other part stores they are mostly made in China and Taiwan and they have quality parts

    R C Nelson

    This comment was not made in China.


    Fantastic advice buddy


    This message approved by Donald Trump

    Borce Ivanovski

    Usually the spare parts were better than original but that's history #


    Chinese made tires are not vulcanized. That's why they are soft.

    showgirls around the world a dancer family

    I bought a moog wheel bearing on Amazon and it did not say moog anywhere!

    Williams Jarmeoff

    So many electronic parts such as sensors of new car are made in China

    will edwards

    The truck was going forward….Scotty was speaking backwards (backmasking)….Did you catch that the Devil was driving the truck. He had horns on his head. No sh*t.


    One other part I learned never to buy, that Scotty didn't mention here, is ignition coils. I had a '99 Ford Crown Vic with the 4.6L modular V8, and it had coil-on-plug ignition. Those ignition coils had to come from the dealer. The cheap ones would fail 5 or 6 out of every 8 that I bought. Ridiculous. Yes, the dealer charges 3 times as much for their coils — it's worth it, just to save the time of swapping out ignition coils every 100 miles. Once I replaced all 8 of my coils with dealer-source Motorcraft coils, I never had another issue.

    Iron Goose

    OEM is usually the only way to go. I once bought a fuel injector from a parts store called Pep Boys and after installing it the car wouldn't run as smooth it did even with the leaky injector but once I took it out and replaced it with a Genuine GM injector it run the way it always did before the leak. Had the same problem with spark plug wires. NONE of the big box parts stores including NAPA had wires that were within the resistant specs for the wires for my car and the car wasn't running right with a brand new set of wires! But once again I replaced them with OEM wires which I tested before buying and the car ran like new again.

    Mac Dryja

    chinese axles for the 5 speed 2001 2.4 base PT Cruiser. omg i broke like 7 before i bought the more expensive ones.

    Jon Pulaski

    I am looking at accords And civics. Based on your videos I am concerned about the accord automatic transmission. Which year is the best or should I stick with the civic

    Dave Slingbart

    Just bought some tires off Amazon, Nankang SP-9 $53 delivered to the house, Made in Taiwan, really nice ride and traction as good as Perellis that cost 2x.

    bill smith

    Well done on all your vid's, I'm a mechanic,etc,


    Chinese mags. When a wheel fails it should warp or bend, not chunk off or explode!

    zion francis

    Hey Scotty! I Appreciate all the videos! What do you think of Acura and Mazda?

    Kaulin Curtis

    I buy engine electronics at Napa. I've found they are much higher quality than corresponding parts from other chains.

    Jammit Timmaj

    Chinese manufacturers will make it the way you ask them to. If you want them to make crappy, then it's crappy.

    Cisco 0079

    I'm just gonna ride my bike to work! "Rev up my bike chain"

    Brian Johnson

    I always buy from rock auto. And i always buy AC Delco brand for my Sierra. I buy from rock auto because i can buy oem parts for my truck less then what after market parts cost in Canada.
    And of course no one will price match in Canada. Love your videos Scotty.

    live and let live

    My '03 civic radiator from Amazon $55 never heard off $600 radiator scotty

    live and let live

    I bought a new off brand TPS and it made things 10X worse

    Saqib Butt

    Scotty would you recommend buying auto parts from
    ROCK AUTOS . com

    James Grey

    Rev up your Chinese junk!

    Dewan Chand

    Don't buy Chinese products


    If you order online Chinese parts. I have used Am-autoparts a lot with excellent results. They have even treated me well with warranty claims. I am not getting paid by them either. I just want to help people that are looking for cheap parts that have a warranty and seem to be of acceptable quality.
    I have used cheap off brand tires and i can't recommend any of them i have tried. Some are good when it is dry and warm then once temperature drops or it gets slightly wet out,all traction is gone. I agree with scotty on sticking with name brand tires.

    YH Wei

    Reputable chinese car parts manufacturer generally don't do B2C, reason is the population, most people live in flat not house, they don't have garage to diy things. The people who live in house won't get their hands dirty. The people who live in flat and willing to diy are lack of experience and won't spend lots of money on quality parts. there is no such demand in the market.

    Pop Pop

    My AC Delco HVAC blend door actuator – Made in China – went out at 20k miles.

    Paulie Walnuts

    Rev up your engines and drop your drawersssss!!!


    My wife was born in China. She tries to avoid buying things Made in China because to the Chinese, it is seen as UNSUCCESSFUL to buy Chinese made goods over foreign brands that are better quality. But I want to say that the Chinese can make better quality, but North American businesses want cheap goods to sell to North American customers, so they ask the Chinese factories to make the products dirt cheap. Not the fault of the Chinese. Its the fault of the marketer who imports into America, for example, and sells to the American customer.

    Paps PSVR

    Never buy Chinese anything if you can help it.

    Dana Jorgensen

    Man…. I thought there were more like 500,000 Chinese parts not to buy, rather than just 5…. Or is this the first of a new series? 😀

    On a side note, A LOT of the tire brands are now owned by Chinese companies and the lack of quality has started seeping into the product lines of previously reputable companies.

    Jay Man

    Trump is trying to put a stop to the China crap.

    Y Fuduoduo

    What kind idiots buys auto parts online?


    3:04 did you see that guy backing up?

    Adrian Shamma

    If your going Chinese tires I do recommend brand names that have a WARRANTY!

    I work at a tire shop and we sell two Chinese brands.

    One good one with a mileage warranty is Black Lion. And the cheaper without the warranty but also good tire is Pantera.

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