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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Care About Horsepower (As Much)

Main 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Care About Horsepower (As Much)

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    Horsepower is overrated, car curb weights are far more important. Driving the 2019 Mazda Miata clears the mind on what’s important. Subscribe for new videos …

    David C

    Yes in my country. Toll road speed limit in my country is 90km/h. So, high hp cars are useless here.

    Guillermo Lopez

    Horsepower is more important than torque if you want to tow more weight.

    Change my mind.

    Get Sideways

    At the end of the day, if you are willing to give up safety so much for the sake of little fun, don't waste your money on a cute, little car and get yourself a decent sportsbike. You'll endanger yourself even further, but will have enough fun to die for.

    Rebel Armory

    Shouldn’t care about horsepower. Drives a Miata.

    Daryl Lonigan

    I love just how wildly this whole video doesn't matter to motorbikes =) Traction limited on a bike.. not a thing, generally. I have over 200hp at the wheel and it still only spins in the wet. MORE POWAA BABY!


    "If you can't go fast with 90hp, 900 ain't gonna help ya."


    You heathen! You need to take that back and repent!!

    Marcos Rivas

    What are your thoughts on a BMW M2 Competition?

    Ashley Lemmer

    Another excellent video.

    Ahmad Faisal

    @14:00 even the Tesla
    Is extremely heavy not just the Porsche

    Erik Arevalo


    Calm Chowda

    i use to get my xc70 volvo up to its top speed 150mph and if it could have gone faster on flat ground i would have, on public roads

    Dave Paroz

    Thanks Jason. I bought a Subaru spec B liberty ( legacy to you Americans) instead of a gen3 powered commodore ( your Chevy SS) because of the better usable power, better traction etc. Dave (Australia).


    Well Speed meets Style

    – Project Gotham Racing


    Miata, Lotus… MR2 seem to be some of the lighter cars to have fun with (Im excluding CRX only because im focusing on RWD or AWD). So what else is there? MR2 and Miata are easy to find affordable. Lol not Lotus.. just curious what anyone elses input would be on this.

    Pete Ruddy

    What road are you on? The scenery is beautiful!

    Ahmad Faisal

    @2:30 this analogy that my car is quicker to 60 I think also is overrated, now, people think more of 0-60 numbers rather than actual car feel, driving experience, this and design should be our goal, not like electric cars, so what if an electric out accelerates a normal ICE car, the sounds, power delivery, the amount of uncertainty of what the car will do next is what defines – in my opinion – what car enthusiasts truly are/should be

    Thomas Griffin

    10:12 Honestly, I'd argue that the huge boost of power when boost comes on IS thrilling. I'd take that over a powerband that linearly dies at the top, where horsepower is a plateau over the rev range. It's not as quick, but I find it more fun to drive a car that likes to be revved out.

    In regards to weight, the current taste of the consumer market works against that. Taking out many of the modern features, refinement, and luxuries that consumers expect drop weight, but then the vehicle becomes a harder sell. An example of this is the Alfa Romeo 4C. The BRZ/86 works in this niche because it's produced at a large enough scale to be value oriented, and priced reasonably for the consumer that desires it.

    Defy Your Logic

    Realistically, 300 HP in a typical 3k lb vehicle is more than enough to have a good time with. Big power does not equal good overall performance. I'd rather have a 400 hp 911 than a 700 hp hellcat any day of the week.

    Paul Power

    Mazda Mazda !

    Tanah Merah

    In terms of weight, what about its weight distribution and center of gravity? How do they affect the car’s handling characteristics?

    Formula Firebird

    Reason why "Torque" converters run on Torque…and low RPM Torque is where we drive , especially with Overdrive .

    Uncle Bach

    Narrator: Next episode of 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Care, Jason will talk about rear wheel drive.

    Tanah Merah

    The driving experience is also as important. That’s what makes some BMWs, Mazdas, and Hondas fun to drive. They make the cars feel much lighter when tossed around.


    My BMW 328i is heavily modified and makes 300 peak whp and 350 peak lb-ft of torque.. All I'm saying is that, for a street car, especially a daily driver, that is plenty of power.. It pulls very hard from 0-100mph


    the comparison between last mm in the leaf is flawed cuz if you revved up the s 2009 damn near redline then slip the clutch for a proper launch you would be always in the peak powerband

    D Doug

    Did this man just say having a turbocharged engine is boring vs na

    Blue Corvette

    What you are looking for is called "Power to Weight Ratio" and the Corvette C7 Rocks in that arena !


    My favorite point is the usable power. Like you said the advertised number is the peak, usually close to redline, and most of us don't redline every time they drive on the road. All that said, a modern turbo car is nice because of the high torque at lower revs. My Fusion is more fun at 2500-4500 than up over 5500-6000.

    Jonaathan A.K

    Weight also play's an important role in safety in case of a crash. A light weight flimsy car is not going to be as safe for the passenger inside as compared to the more heavy vehicle in case of a crash.

    Vereena Williams

    Horse power is how fast you hit the wall, torque is how far you take the wall with you.


    Instead of individually posting things like "shoot I can go 150 and dont need to be on no track hurk hurk" just thumbs up this comment

    joshua fiddy allen

    love this guy !


    Jeremy Clarkson “POWER”

    Dac Kour

    how can we calculate how much HP and torque has to have an engine to drive a car that weights 1500 kg and
    1) we have only one gear
    2) that engine has the same HP and TORQUE at all the rpm range
    3)we speak about a normal car (10-12sec for 0-100 kph) not for a super car


    currently dailying this car and breaking in the engine. I came from a second gen miata and I can say the torque is significantly a difference.


    Less on horsepower for fun, I’d replace that with “can it do a burnout well?”

    J Parsons


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