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5 Things You Should Never Do in a Turbocharged Car

Main 5 Things You Should Never Do in a Turbocharged Car

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    Never Do This in a Turbocharged Car, DIY life hacks and car review with Scotty Kilmer. 5 things you should never do in a turbocharged vehicle. Turbocharger …

    Scotty Kilmer

    Should I put a turbo on my Celica?

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    Mete Can Karahasan

    @00:21: Dusty dash, 2 peach seeds.


    Good thing I always let it warm up and cool off every time. 👌🏽

    Connor Cavalier

    Since I’m no mechanic can somebody tell me if this applies to a Turbo Diesel powered truck the same? Or are those completely different??

    Jerry Gs-R

    Good video . Straight damn wisdom . Dispite with the haters say scotty . Now turbo the celica sir


    * points to shift knob *

    D O N T


    Make sense. Thank you very much for this intel.

    Steven Rhodes

    What you're saying about giving the engine a few seconds to establish oil circulation and giving it a few miles to warm up before pushing things is sound advise regardless of whether the engine is turbocharged or not.

    Adam Tkaczuk

    Why would you store peach pits in your instrument cluster

    Clem Newton

    People are amazing can spend tons of money on lunch but change the oil nope and they wonder why there stuff does not last

    Andrew Casper

    Only thing I would change is oil change interval.. 4-5k miles never more than that the turbo just cooks the oil!!

    Mark Durl

    another thing that you shouldnt do with a turbocharged car, run it on cheap fuel

    Dan Myself

    ancient technology , lol


    Don't rev up your engine untill the oil has some heat. 😎🔧🔩🚘


    It's great when your neighbors redline there engine thinking that's going to fix an issue!

    manvindar singh

    Does this car belongs to an Indian owner?


    There were aftermarket remote starters that would delay engine shut off a few minutes for turbocharged engines to allow the system cool down while parked/idling. I don't know if they're still being utilized.

    joe vrabel

    You need to clean the garage big time!


    Does this apply to diesel engines, like a VW golf TDI? Would getting a more efficient intake help with longevity?
    Great video, thanks

    M Medley

    WOWW…thanks Scotty! This answers questions, as well as concerns Iv'e had with my Volvo S80. I wondered why it ran so hot, and the oil would be so dirty in the allotted time frame. Unfortunately, I just had the oil changed last week and I used Semi-synthetic. Ill be moving up to full Synthetic next change though. Now if I can get it to stop shuttering occasionally ill be set!

    Stanley Williams

    Never was a fan of forced induction. All of that extra plumbing…just more stuff that can go wrong. I'll stick with a naturally aspirated engine.

    chris smith

    Well some turbos have turbo timers.


    Definitely useful information from a 51-year mechanic. Gonna keep all these in mind and gonna pound it into my head with my 2016 Tucson with the 1.6T.

    Jimmy Sapien

    Here’s another tip out there Scotty I usually open my hood when I get home or wherever I stop at, if I can open it to let all that heat out the engine it keeps all the hoses and motor parts from getting hard and brittle and it also cools the engine down I’ve been doing this for years.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


    Are u the guy from happy gilmore that pisses him off?

    Nathan Soper

    5 Things You should never do in a turbo charged car:

    1. Over-rev engine from cold
    2. Shut of engine when hot
    3. Badger Baiting
    4. Frying a caeser salad
    5. Spank a braying mule while you whistle the flintstones theme.

    bomark 2002

    DONT, rev up your engines!!!!

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