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*5 TIPS* you MUST KNOW before taking your Tesla to the Car Wash!

Main *5 TIPS* you MUST KNOW before taking your Tesla to the Car Wash!

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    The 2020 Tesla Model 3 is a car like no other! That said, it shouldn’t be surprising that taking your Tesla to the automatic car wash isn’t as straightforward as you …

    Car Confections

    Before you say "You should hand wash a Tesla" keep in mind as Tesla's become more and more popular these vehicles will be driven by ALL kinds of people. Busy people. People who don't really care about their car's paint 10 years down the line. This video is made for those people 🙂 It's a car… and the reality is that many people will take their Tesla to the car wash so this is the top 5 tips you should know!


    Screw that Tesla. I'd take a Subaru outback to drive through the Subaru outback steakhouse to get a burger there. Cuz the name is Subaru outback.

    Joseph Payton

    That like a hour process just to go to get your car washed I honestly think there should be a better solution to go the car wash but an amazing video on how to not be clueless of giving your car a bath. Btw hands down one of the best car reviewer brothers out there. Let's talk about that caddie video (Cadillac) were u going on a date or to prom because u guys dressed up to see the Cadillac as if u were on a date but u guys r the best and I've subbed since the first video and can u make a vlog channel or more bloopers at the end of the year. Also if u get a chance can u do a 2020 explorer vs 2020 highlander. be safe love goes to u and your family and try not to catch covid-19.❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍😎😎😎

    John Roberts

    Thanks for posting this! I’m seriously thinking about buying a Tesla & have appreciated seeing your experience with ordering, taking delivery and driving yours that you’ve posted in the past. Tesla is a total disrupter – turning the auto, petroleum and now even car washes on their collective heads – but definitely where the future is headed. You guys really do great work – thanks!

    Oswaldo Öberg

    Very interesting but kinda complicated. By the way, the automatic shift works exactly like Mercedes Benz

    kbw rvwhntr

    For me, a funny story. Years ago I took my car to one of these for the first time and when I was told to shift in neutral the worker started spraying the car down causing me to forget that I put it in neutral. When the car started drifting I panicked and hit the brakes and the guy yelled " don't hit the brakes". I thought I was about to hit the car in front of me and my pulse was racing for nothing 😁

    Cricket Benningfield

    Great info

    Greg Barrontine

    You can also press the voice button and say "Turn off wipers" 🙂 Geofolding the mirrors is best when going thru the wash. Use it all the time.

    Mark W

    i thought maybe it was going to short out or something!

    Kent Gabriel

    commence all the concerned subscribers with all the "never take your car to an automatic carwash…" lol. If your like me and live in an apartment, the car wash is all you have for choice folks…and some people just aren't at the same extreme level of detailing to care as much about a little normal wear and tear from the weekly washes….to each there own…live and let live….etc…. lol

    Jason Hong

    nice to know…though I don't have a Tesla yet lol


    Tesla should place a Carwash icon on the display for auto setting and warnings.

    Hassan Mohammad

    🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️what kind of a car guy takes his tesla to a gas station car wash 🤣

    Keith V.

    Drew, eat more spinach! Great video.


    I subscribe to a few detailing channels. I've learned that car washes with brushes may harm the paint. May I suggest brushless or a hand wash with mitt.

    Tan Shin

    Oh my god, who the hell is gonna remember these steps and actually do them all before entering the automatic car wash?!
    Forget it man.

    Sam Said

    Who would honestly want to keep the hubcap on?? The rims look way better

    Dennis Wintjes

    Thanks. Like #90


    Surprised there's no car wash mode. Mercedes has carwash mode where you press one button and it folds the mirrors, raises the suspension, switches off automatic wipers and ensures all windows and sunroof is closed. Maybe tesla doesn't do it to discourage the use of an automatic carwash since teslas have terrible paint quality. It's probably so thin the carwash might strip it.


    Isn't half an indent neutral? The model s and X use Mercedes electronic shifter and halfway up or down is neutral.

    Chuck Hall

    Tip #6: Remember to bring hand wipes to clean your hands after removing the hubcaps

    Patrick Bolmeyer

    Though I'll never own a Tesla, I'm glad you guys know what you're doing with yours! Be well my friends!

    Greg Horn

    Well. These issues just solidify the reason a Tesla isn’t for me.

    Andrew K. NI

    Great tips guys and I'm amazed by the technology of the Tesla. Seems so logical when you're in the know. Did you get the paint vandalism sorted?? (I may have missed your update). The alloys wheels behind the cover looked good.

    Alejandro Estrada Romero

    Always use use a hand wash car wash if you care about your cars, guys!


    Kinda ridiculous you have to go through all that before getting into a car wash! Tesla should have a car wash mode button to do all of the above, would be so much easier 🙂


    First thing you do is Don’t bring your car to an automatic car wash. Get it hand wash. You’ll get swirl marks .

    Brian Lee

    Awesome job! I love Tesla.

    Ryan Frisby

    Awesome video guys!😸

    Darrion Tunstall

    Great tips guys!! I love y’all Tesla! It’s nice and clean 🧼!!!

    Sebastian S


    Dwight K. Schrute

    That’s why my grandpas Model 3 never has been near a car wash since new

    Ben McKeown

    My wife left me


    You guys do an awesome job!
    Keep it up!!


    I'm second


    Im first

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