Monday, March 27, 2023

5 Ways To Improve Your Cheap Harbor Freight Shop Press

Main 5 Ways To Improve Your Cheap Harbor Freight Shop Press

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    You asked for it, so here it is! In this video I show you 5 ways to improve your cheap Harbor Freight shop press and take it to the next level. Want to make your …

    Eco Mouse

    Get a pneumatic foot pedal instead of that stupid lever thing that comes with the pump. It frees up your hand too.

    Gordon GMan

    Very kool DIY… Enjoyed Use a coat hook and screw it to the face of the press.


    foot pedal for hydraulic control

    D2q N

    Harbor freight pay attention all great upgrades

    Jacob Campbell

    I would a T at the compressor and run a air line to the press location then you would have one permanently at its location and a line for it to be mobile too

    FantaSea Horse

    You do have two big old nuts that are the same size, and they will do nicely

    star k enterprises

    Hook hose on pipe holder.

    Christian De Anda

    That pneumatic jack almost gave you a money shot, good thing you had a jizz rag ๐Ÿ˜œ btw thank you for sharing your knowledge

    K G

    Swag off road has you covered on the twist knob. Check them out.


    Next video should be how to upgrade that tire vice stand! Maybe you could attach it to a car.


    An air valve on a foot pedal would be a great improvement for the pneumatic jack control.


    Those were great! Thank you.


    He had some big nuts!๐Ÿ˜œ

    Trey Williams

    Great video! Stealing all these ideas!

    Jeff Schmitt

    This was a very helpful video. Definitely will use these tips when I get a press.

    Michael Canto

    Liked it all till you put pins in those plates. They are for cribbing purposes right? Now they're useless.


    foot pedal is how the nicer ones are setup


    Where ever did that little white 59 go :p


    The other dude machined a cool knob


    excellent mods,

    Done Whiskey

    14:56 Hello!

    James Black

    A foot pedal for the win! Weld a pedestal on the base to mount it to.

    Done Whiskey

    This is a freaking cool video. I don't even have a press yet, but now I never needed one so much.

    eric fuller

    There is a beige magnet that is good for holding things like air chucks… but damned if I know what to call them or where to get more. Might have been for holding telephone lines. Grandad had some, knew a dj who had a few spare. If I could post a picture I would, but don't know what to call them sadly.

    eric fuller

    Got my grandad's press frame. Was already going to replace the springs and jack that were damaged… Some damn good ideas here that will be implemented. Glad I watched the video and didn't buy the original style jack last month when I was there.

    William Mims

    If you don't want to do a foot pedal just yet, attach a hook to the bolts for the handle holder and hang the chuck from that.


    Well I'm gonna do all those mods to mine except for one. Got to get some extra money to buy the air over hydraulic ram. Thanks

    Snugglez Brah



    I'd like to put a pulley system to raise and lower the base on mine. First I have to fix the press rod that they welded on crooked though.


    Foot pedal would be nice for air valve

    Ty Bilodeau

    Tyler you need a welding table about as bad as anyone with a 5000 square foot shop ever has. Welding from that mini vise propped on that tire can't be comfy.

    If you're looking for ideas on how or what type of table to make, check out Both Matt and Tim built some rad tables and they no longer need to prop up on old tires.

    Keep up the awesome videos! It's been too long. Let's see some shop updates!


    One way for the pin for someone who could not do something like this. They are not cheap but the hitch pins at Tractor supply would work. I don't know what these are but the pins are are heat treated and probably safer than these.


    Nice @jimbos garage shout out with the music at the end. Great tips!!!


    Hook it up permanent, if you don't have some sort of air line system already you could just mount the plug on the wall. Or use it as a excuse to setup airlines around the shop.

    Lucas Beadle

    The only place those arbor plates belong is in the scrap bin.

    Andrew Browner

    dont have 35 mins to watch this atm.. but i imagine at this point you masewell just save buying the harbour freight one and build your own 50tton jack only cost 3-400$

    Dan Hambrick

    Would have rather seen you working on one of those unfinished jeep builds than making a $100 harbor freight press "better"….lol….

    Patrick Briley

    That pneumatic jack is a HUGE upgrade.

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