Wednesday, March 29, 2023

50% Off Haynes Manuals!

Main 50% Off Haynes Manuals!

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    Sponsored Video** If you’re looking for service and repair information for your vehicle, I suggest you take advantage of this offer from Haynes Manuals.


    Thank you for the code! Really helps out


    It's only $5 off! Not 50% off…

    Rick Nelson

    the code didn't work for me – it didn't reduce the price of the manual


    Ugh, if only they had one for my car! D= Luckily though I can get one for my Dad and Brother for their cars! Thanks, Eric! =)


    Wish they had 1 for my 2018 civic


    Hey a sponsored vid I can actually use! Thank you! Got a book for my Civic for only $15

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    Good video eric

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    The online manuals are only good for a year there a 1 year subscription just some info

    Antonio Claudio Michael

    I would rather have the mechanic workshop manual but Haynes are good they just dont have everything about each car

    Neisel Clemontine

    Mine states "$10 off all products". Not 50% off.

    Josh Mullins

    Well, I ordered one but they only took $10 off, not 50%. Still an ok deal since print manuals are already on sale for 5 bucks off and they ship for free (another 5 bucks off).

    Daryl Ladd

    What about Chilton manuals?


    Thank YOU Eric. Order is in. Be Well.


    It's only a $10 coupon.
    The manuals are $24.95. The online manual for a year is $19.99.

    So, is he wrong? Not entirely.
    But is he right? Not entirely.

    Bent Nickel

    Wanted to purchase, but order page was not user friendly, tried to use EricTheCarGuy code but couldn't enter the code. Just gave up.

    Bryant Morton

    Man I wish I had this offer when I bought my manual a couple weeks ago πŸ˜‚ I've had Haynes manuals for all of my cars so far, and I'll continue to get more in the future. Excellent product

    James L

    No VW. πŸ™


    That sucks…. they don't have manual for my 2007 IS250 πŸ™


    Do they offer labor guides ?

    Gina Fuller

    They don’t have one for the Element?? 😭😭😭

    Joe Clarke

    Good deal but I could not get one for 2016 prius c

    Manny’s How To Workshop

    Thanks Eric and I just ordered mine from Haynes and saved 50% just like you said.


    thanks I just ordered a manual for my dads town car

    Operator 9037

    I thought you meant Hanes… 🀨 I was looking to get 50% off a new batch of underwear. Current ones look like a mechanic cleaning rag… but this is good too. Thanks! Eric


    Bam! Subaru manual ordered. Thanks Eric

    Filtersoff Channel

    Thanks Eric, but unfortunately they don’t have a manual for my 2008 Honda Element. Any ideas on getting a manual?

    Andrew Villanueva

    Haynes doesn't cover my lexus ls430 2001.

    Jeff Little

    I buy the printed manual because the online version is only for one year. So pay them a one time fee, or pay them many time fees.

    Joe Craigslist

    I bought one two months ago and paid 14.95 w/o coupon.

    Phillip Messer

    Haynes Manuelas saved my butt a couple times. RIP to the creator as well.

    Craig Be

    Hey man I bought a manual for my wife's Ford thing. I hope it helps your channel

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