Saturday, March 25, 2023

£500 Sports Car Challenge

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    This week, Ethan and Jack give Alex the task of purchasing a sports car… for only £500. BUY AFTERMARKET PARTS AND ACCESSORIES HERE: …

    Roy Kim Wei

    wow, a Perodua Nippa? we called it Perodua Kancil back here in Malaysia. this tiny little is a legend here.


    Alex, thanks for the coupé pronunciation, Americans give me cancer every time.


    U should have more contenders next time

    Lee Fall

    Easy… Toyota Celica 03-05 plate age. But will last about a month lol Also is it me or is little man complex getting more and more annoying every video?

    RobloxcaT Gaming R.C.Y.T

    Please have £3000 to buy an suv from Nissan


    Give it love like Miles, do track days if possible!! It's a lovely car. Also name the car Hope, because you didn't lose hope trying to find one for £500. Margret is a stupid name.

    Mr Hamilton

    Try to recreate Top Gears: £100 car challenge. That would be a laugh


    Disappointing. You should have done your homework CarThrottle… The celica was built from the ground up to be a sports car and was made famous in the 90s by the ST204 WRC car and the monstrous Supra which started life as a CELICA Supra.

    The Aussie Gamer

    This video should be re-named to £500 Hair Dressers Car Challenge


    "is the MGF mid engined?" call yourself car guys

    Hristo Dimitrov

    Great video! Also I love that you went with the MG I'm a big fan of the make and soon I'm going to be getting my 4th MG ZR.

    Tolga Sözen

    Top gear vol:99999

    Anthony ϟ

    its been 3 months since we got a prelude vid……..

    samarii owens

    Why is there a 🚫 on the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the video thumbnail?

    Melvin Ang

    Guys, is the Honda Project still on going ?

    Sky Nation

    £750 Luxury Sedan plss

    Anthony Schmitt

    Is Harry Potter your driver hehe


    Lol. I blew the head gasket in my mg…

    Perry Caulkins

    MORE CHALLENGES. $750 off road challenge, no rules! Go to some country side and DESTROY THEM


    Would have loved to see you in the TT

    M N

    I like this new cheap car challenge, it’s interesting that you Brits can get a car for under $1000 USD


    Next: Free Car Challenge


    Love this show. Now as insurance is one of the largest costs to owning a car in the UK how do you get the best insurance deals? 🤔

    Pa Sasitheran

    So called the perodua NIPPA is actually a Car made in Malaysian soil known as 'Kancil' this car here is very very fuel efficient


    Recently in my country(Japan) Z3 is shooting up value.

    Ezequiel Ridolfi


    thank you CT, very cool!

    lukeskytalker95 gaming

    750 cheap SUV or van

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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