Thursday, March 23, 2023

550cc Cross Kart Build Pt. 2 | Finishing the Frame

Main 550cc Cross Kart Build Pt. 2 | Finishing the Frame

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    We’re building the upper frame rails and roll hoop for the chassis of our Honda CB550 powered cross kart! We want a very protective chassis, with the upper …


    Make the air cleaner go over the rollbar towards the front it will have a awesome off road look


    youll wanna give a 3-5 inches from the top of the head when the seat is mounted in case of a flip because the seat belt harness will have some give and stretch

    Wv Streets

    Polaris outlaw rear end would be perfect on this


    Now this is the cars and cameras I look forward to watching. On the fly engineering for the do it yourselfer. Love this channel…..Did you retire the plasma stutter? Thanks fellas…..

    Mike Lastname

    Have you guys graduated to building full scale open wheel race cars? Heck, that thing is going to be more powerful than a Formula Vee race car! Very cool project!

    Jarrett Beier

    Make sure to make room on that hoop for the seat!

    Jeff Shearer

    2 bandaids for a seat,works for me.

    FunasheXtimes l

    What happened to the electric gokart

    Cameron Fanning

    I really like the color of that Beetle in the "Warehouse".

    John Wayne

    Part deux

    Jonny Chooch

    nothing better than weld splattered engine, top job, lol….. mig to dirty , tig much cleaner.


    Great work guys! I've been doing some first time tubing additions/corrections for my little dragster hear this week…It is tedious and much more time consuming than I ever realized.

    Jacob Short

    The frame looks great!! You should make it look like a big shopping cart!!!!

    Darth c

    G hugh j hi go


    it just really looks like a heavy duty shoppingcart

    aaron lugones Gamer

    Muy bien .un poco ajustado pero se ve espetacular

    Russ Brownell

    Looks like a dog sled. Mush mush!

    Joshua Clater

    Download a fraction calculator. It makes it so easy!


    did you take in account the hight of the seat or is there not gonna be 1

    Luca Pistellato

    Why putting on just one engine? You have two of them…so…

    I know it adds a lot of complexity, weight, way more power than needed…but it would be so cool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Bio Boy


    Bio Boy


    Doug Finney

    I love the guys, very classy ,with no bad language. They know how to have fun. I want a mini bike now at 66 years old. Had a bananza mini when I was a kid.


    What if we help this guy?

    Andrew Conrad

    No, no, no not Ducati. Hayabusa.


    How would you use a Miata rear end on a gokart with a motorcycle engine that isn't shaft drive? Are you just talking about using the arms and spindles? There's really no way to hook a chain drive to a differential like that. Your best bet would be to ditch any idea of IRS and go triangulated 4 link solid axle.. It will be the easiest. Now you could get multiple CV joints and hook them into a splined shaft with your sprocket and carrier bearings on it with the center section rigidly mounted and then a couple sets of CV joints on each axle stub and then spindles with bearing in them and stub axles with drive hubs… but that's a TON of work and engineering. At that point you'd be best just building your own long travel suspension arms.

    Michele beck

    So glad you guys are building some REAL toys now.πŸ‘

    kevin phillips

    Remember the seat height!

    Tate W124t

    To get out of the kart easier you should make the steering wheel pop off

    Kevin Bodj

    Please, please, please, please turn your wire speed up a bit.

    Michael Moore

    Depending on the seat height,… your butt will be 3-4 inches off the floor of the buggy. You have to take that into account for several other things, ie: steering wheel and shaft angle, roll cage, pedals ad controls.

    Ryan Gribble

    John, I finally understand the metal pan on the floor. That's always confused me.

    john bernier


    Ayden Owens

    "squared off" makes trapezoid

    Sam’s Garage

    I like how it’s coming along.Good job.I need to buy me a pipe bender soon.

    Tom Zborovsky

    I think you're going to find that once you get the seat in, Ike's head may not fit so good anymore..


    build something to complete with the grind hard plumbing co senderella aka the barbie jeep

    Gregory Iannucelli

    Guys, just a thought. If you roll that, with one inch of clearance between your helmet and the bar, you are going to compress someone's spine…
    Add the seat, and run a string from the top of the rollbar to the highest point on the front of the chassis, with Ike sitting in the seat. If the string contacts his helmet, the rollbar is too low, and needs to be taller. If not, and the thing turns turtle, someone's gonna get hurt – badly.
    A third tube, at the apex of the rollbar like a dragster will provide three-point structural strength, and keep the rollbar from bending over, in case you take a digger. Be safe, and plan for the worst…
    P.S. – a little padding on those rollbar downtubes will also keep you from getting your bell rung, if there is violent side-to-side motion…

    Joseph Hebert

    Dude just put the Ducati in itπŸ‘Œ

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