Saturday, March 25, 2023

550cc IRS Cross Kart Build Pt. 1 | NEW BUILD!

Main 550cc IRS Cross Kart Build Pt. 1 | NEW BUILD!

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    We’re building a cross kart! What is a cross kart? Basically, it’s a cross between an open wheel racing go kart, and a Baja buggy with lots of suspension travel.

    Mike O

    This is the one I've been waiting for. I thought that ride on the 500cc snomobile engine kart might stir your imagination.

    Moatheboss Hamdan

    Finally a new sponsor


    looks like a metal coffin

    RedPilled View

    Build a chromoly 3/4 scale rail dragster with a nitro Harley engine?! Exhibition dragster!πŸ˜œπŸ‘ a bit fast but you could de tune it slightly….

    Valentin Maissen

    With a aircooled engine, and the driver infront of it and relative slow speeds, you should think about some cooling ducting. Some simple sheetmetal next to the driver should do the trick.

    All Moving Things

    Great project lads. A lot of work ahead ya.

    Dylan Zrim

    PuT ThE DUcAtI EnGInE On iT!!!
    (Sarcasm although it’d work but I really don’t care what they use)

    Luke J

    Surely use grind hard plumbing cos barby Jeep cart suspension for inspiration because that things a fuckin beast


    great video but can you guys make theses build videos longer?

    Joshua Mitch

    This thing needs good angle to, easier to park and more angle for possible drifting.


    Can't wait to see the coming vids on this build. I actually have a similar project with an 80's 500cc honda dirt bike engine.

    russell bennington
    Chris Higgins

    great work guys also when you doing another video on the Chevy C10

    russell bennington

    you should go for a car racing steering wheel and a quick release hub & boss… otherwise you will have great difficulty getting your legs past the steering wheel! try NRG

    Ralf Reinhold

    Great idea! πŸ‘
    Make sure you start with the foot paddle and seating position. This is like pro car builders would start the build…
    Greetings from Germany 🏎

    Johnnie Ray Shepard

    Fucking sweeeeeeeeet

    jason birch

    Ok. Look. Do yourselves a favor and figure out the correct gearing.
    Sprokets are no different than a ring and pinion. 10 tooth and 30 tooth? 3:1 ratio. You can find the trans ratios somewhere I'm sure . And lean the front of the frame forward. If you hit something straight on you will hopefully hop up and over and not just slam and stop(bad) .

    Peter Pan

    Thank you guys this is what I’ve been wanting πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™Œ

    Metalman 329

    Lookin’ good, guys! enjoyed as always! -Glenn from Mass.
    p.s. why not just a welding blanket on the garage floor?


    like the project but take some time to do some design elements. the greatest part about fabricating is you can build anything. that square front nose could be angled in at the top or do some bending of the tubes. would love to see it come out looking awesome not just a square box with a motor. takes more time but looks great in the end.

    israel higareda

    Ike you need to work on your welding dude

    Sheldon Hall

    Might want to consider getting some scrap lumber and making a quick and dirty stand to get the frame off the ground while building. Might make it easier πŸ™‚

    Ken Bergren

    John and Ike, you have built some cool stuff. This build is no exception. I see off road riding and then some street tires for a 4 wheel super moto. You Go !

    epic time breaker

    Your builds are always really slow.. make something more extreme!! Please..


    You guys should use a proper racing harness just to be safe. But other then that, this is gonna be a sick build.

    Donovan Williams

    Puts a bendable steering column

    Cheese _

    Paint it lime green

    Eugene Russell

    This will be cool.. almost wish I could be new again.. So I could just bendg watch it. 🀣


    I’ve probably never been this excited for a build in a long time… Well done boys!!

    Troy Crowder

    now you are cooking with oil hell the 550 Hondas are one of the best motors Honda ever put out plenty of power and they are not to big and bulky i used a 750 on my buggy but wish i would have had the 550 they are sweet good stuff, guys

    Matt Parker

    Find a quick release steering wheel, your knees won't clear getting in and out.

    arturo munoz

    Make a rotary go kart

    Langdon Dresser

    Run both the engines on the same kart

    Bob’s Barn Workshop

    Nice to see a 100% Cars and Cameras "Go-Devil"! I would have used the Kawie 650 engine, they're a BEAST! But the CB550 will be 'Fine'!

    Carter Iverson

    This thing should be all wheel drive

    Samuel Corbett

    You guys should make a off road lawnmower after this

    Ryan P

    Make it a 2 seater!


    What entry level welder would be good for welding go kart frames

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