Tuesday, March 21, 2023

550cc Little Tikes Go Kart Build Pt. 5

Main 550cc Little Tikes Go Kart Build Pt. 5

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    Today we figure out where we’re going to sit in the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe go kart build! We fit a shortened bicycle seat in the body, weld it in, and it’s actually …

    Josh Vandenbroek

    Rat fink head for the shifter!

    Chevy Guy 55

    Stick a wooden letter block on the shifter end for SURE!

    Cole Little

    So I'm building a lawn mower with a 300cc 5 speed atv engine and drivetrain, any build tips?

    Walter Legere

    Ok…so… you guys have now OFFICIALLY completely lost your minds!!!!! Depending upon the diameter and length of the suicide shifter handle I would sheath it with a thin plastic wiffle ball bat and top it with some kind of ball and I think I saw a loose nut between the steering wheel and the seat! (har har)

    SantaSkip Knows

    Skull knob shifter

    Funkmaster Blaster

    They are totally insane..and I love it…

    Rylan Leeper

    Little Tikes on crack.

    Kyle TheTreeKat

    Shifter needs a chrome skull, fuck yes.

    Kyle TheTreeKat

    That needs two big fuck off stacks either side of the cab, feel like it’s crazy enough to warrant that.
    Edit: did not realise how little room you’d have to sit in it, any ideas to make this work anybody?

    Todd Sutherlin

    Use a piston on top of the shifter

    Rebel8ball 832

    Magic 8 ball shift knob


    Elmos head!

    Swamp Rat

    It looks better as a roadster. As a coupe, neither one of you will fit in it comfortably.

    Mitchel Cool

    As silly as you want it to look. It looks good

    Jacob Tucker

    Yall make some amazing video

    Curtis at Noble Pursuit Ironworks

    Take the couch handle off the bike and put it on the suiside shift


    Sweet subbed 😁

    Thomas Barnard Jr

    Nice job. I really like the chain guard.

    Rob Belk

    Use an old glass/crystal door knob for suicide shift knob👍

    callmenort nortin

    You guys sure know how to think outside of the envelope! Diggin your Tot Rod creation!! Very innovative and fun!


    Since the roof won't fit while riding it you guys should put a giant yellow wing on the back! It's got to have some yellow! And maybe white wheels🤔

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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