Thursday, March 23, 2023

550HP BMW M140i xDrive PURE TURBOS | POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Main 550HP BMW M140i xDrive PURE TURBOS | POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

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    550HP BMW M140i xDrive PURE TURBOS | POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! Check out our …

    Dardan Gashi

    Skyline r34


    Lexus lx570 test

    Ислам Супиахунов

    We want this on autobahn




    Lmao .. Move your camera from the floor 😂

    It’s Time

    Best BMW series 1 yet and forever

    Phuoc Nguyen

    Pls kindly review BMW 118i! Thank you

    Kouta K.

    I miss you M140i…

    Guilherme Moro

    Pode passar do 170km/h? Kkkkkk

    Sujan Gaming Nepal

    Nice video bro and nice car bro


    Wish the m235i (n55 engine) would have that much stock potential without a bigger turbo.


    Bloody hell. I remember when i thought 470HP 1 serie here was insane. This is next level 😂


    Make some videos outhside the car

    Amin Haq

    Why doesn't the UK get the M140i in X Drive but we get the diesel

    Junior Maemo

    So this BMW one series has more horse power than the M550i Xdrive…

    MyHome SyurgaKu myHome

    Kaudah jadi calon pilihan yang tepat untuk pengamal perubatan tradisional dan tidak dapat keluar nak bagi tahu yang tidak pernah melihat lelaki itu yang salah dan tidak dapat menerima bantuan one-off kepada pencarum untuk pengamal perubatan sama juga.

    Grau de Rua – RJ



    B58 = The new 2JZ


    I’d love to see this in a Carwow drag race. It would smoke everything like the Rs3, Tuned S3 they use etc


    700nm in that tiny hatch!


    These were the BMWs we all loved and still do.

    Rodrigo R.

    From this day on, I shall name it… "The Hustler"


    0:11 That's not going to end well with the camera on the side floor 😂

    cars with camera

    It is so fast!

    Henrik K

    If this doesn't have a LSD fitted it badly needs one lol


    Wow.. so viel Power in einem 1er… HEFTIG

    Dzevad Dzaferovic

    Is the gearbox strong enough for that power and Nm?

    Andrew Haze

    Hört sich an wie nen Vollgeschissener Damenstrumpf!

    Firezing _LP

    A speedlimit a day keeps the crash away 🙃

    Sinan Öksüz

    I cant wait to get my m140i stage 2 by MS Tuning. ✌️😁

    Cristian C.

    I would love to see a review on this car !


    Which mods to reach 550hp??

    ercan mamudovski


Viewing 34 posts - 1 through 34 (of 34 total)
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