Saturday, March 25, 2023

600cc Golf Cart Swap DAY 2 (This Thing Is Gunna Rip!)

Main 600cc Golf Cart Swap DAY 2 (This Thing Is Gunna Rip!)

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    David Sherrill

    Y'all are gonna get whooped by Cleetus

    Russ Strah

    A Badass chain company need to chime in here!

    Tripp Rogers

    EZ HO

    NoImpulse_ Ctrl

    🇺🇸🐌🐌🐌🐌Lets Go!!🐌🐌🐌🐌🇺🇸

    Jermz Money

    are you even old enough to ride that golf cart hahaha age limit is 16 to operate right

    Mark Memory

    'John Daly's Uber'

    Zach Smid

    Is this thing boosted?

    Dave Miller

    Who's the old guy with the rooster tail out the back of his hat, hanging with a bunch of kids….lol

    Jay 0711

    We see enough of Cooper’s awkward unfunny ass on Cletus’s channel. Tell that clown to beat it

    John Sexton

    Im loving the harbor freight ratchet…I got the same tools🤣

    Gary S

    Intro song: Say That by Damma Beatz

    The Hi-Tech Redneck

    Name it Happy Gilmore

    Mike Kuczynski

    With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down oh no hear him go GOLFZILLIA . History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of man oh no here we go GOLFZILLIA 🙂


    I’m definitely team boosted boiz. 🤣

    Jorge Tarin

    They should name it “Tee Time”

    yoyo’s fpv

    I’m a motorcycle technician. That is the speed sensor on the chain cover not the clutch switch you’ve already bypassed the clutch safety switch which actually needs to be a on off switch for starting and letting the ecu know when the clutch is pulled


    The guy that visited from Fortheperformance shop works with Dankwheelies brother. They must be close by.

    They are doing a grand shop opening with a bunch of sweet cars and rowdy shit.

    justin credible

    Ah the ol cleeter beater cart

    Byakko Uchiha

    Shooter Mcgavin


    Those fittings you were putting into the fuel tank, I would have dropped that nut, 3….maybe 4 times.


    Is he pumping a fuel injection engine??????

    Timothy Archer

    "The GixxeRipper"! 😅👍🏼

    Rob Colbert

    Watching you evolve has been phenomenal. You mentor each other, there is ALWAYS a helping hand available unless someone is working alone on purpose in a random video building a part of a go-kart as a learning exercise, and that's why you succeed. Because even then someone stops by to answer a question or hold a nut while someone tightens a bold. These are the ingredients for "unstoppable" so keep going 🙂

    Ryan Kirk

    "The Golf Dart"

    Chris Hidding

    Call it GIlmore after Happy Gilmore.

    saeed arendse


    kitigaya Kazuto Thuguto RealNigga II


    Ben Keijzer

    No. Stop. Redo all this but 3 teams, the third is just Phong, by himself to make it fair.

    dylan stockton

    Gary the go fast golf cart

    RRR Reptile Ray Raz

    Just steal that electric Turbo cletus bought from Sweden or whatever lol

    Arik Hardin

    Turbo kit@!!!

    Daniel Cox

    The Mulligan!

    Evan Hopkins

    Call it “Birdie”

    Namboss Awesome

    please win BOOSTEDBOIZZZZ!!!
    the Mcfarland team only really have 2 mechanics, a lanky youtuber and a lesbian boy


    Name it 'double eagle'
    That's the best shot you can make in golf

    Chris Gramm

    You might need to deal with the kickstand switch. If the kickstand is down, it'll start in neutral but the second it clicks into gear… Kills the motor

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