Thursday, March 23, 2023

620HP BMW M4 Mosselman TURBO 300km/h AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

Main 620HP BMW M4 Mosselman TURBO 300km/h AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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    620HP BMW M4 Mosselman TURBO 300km/h AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content! You can support …


    600+hp and 100-200 is like 7-7.5 seconds, ok then 🤣

    Mate Marijan

    I've driven M4 recently and I'm just not sold on the sound. It handles like crazy and it's fast, but I'd rather spend my money on something else

    CSL 74

    620HP my ass… Mosselman is a nice storyteller..

    Sajjad Malik

    sir please change your camera location. the old location, the one near driver's head was perfect to view outside front wind screen and road view. The new location gives only car dash board view. It is just a feed back. your videos are great. all the best and keep making more like these.

    Zack Lewine

    And I thought the Stock M4 I drove was fast. Holy moly!

    Janića Crezovinćo

    I mean if you're going to completely make figures up, why not go bigger – just say it has 1000whp


    Jealous of the speeds, everytime i'm driving full speed (215 km/u) for my car on the autobahn.
    Some stupid idiot trys to overtake an semi with 100 -_-

    Happend to me 6 times in 2 trips to Germany…

    Federico Aiello

    3.0 li6 bi turbo isnt it an v8 ??

    Vinzi 18

    Didnt look like 600hp+ I would say wrong Software and wrong transmission…

    DS Performance

    with 620 hp, the m4 should accelerate significantly better.

    Cars Tube

    It is a bit slow when you take that hp and torque I though that it will hit 300 kph real quick. Nice review as usual.


    looks so effortless <270 km/h…

    Gürkan Kızık

    the best M4 launch-control in the YouTube history…Well done.


    Please do a POV for the Alpine A110!!

    Wachira Narongsack

    No farts inbetween up shifts 😍


    Thats really not fast for 620PS 🙄👎🏼

    kain seviers

    Damn it, everytime you do a 0 — 250+ KM/H speed test, make sure you unload the jizz first…


    Pretty slow for 600 hp

    Harry Austin

    PureTurbos much faster.. this struggles over 260…


    Why no try to drive NISAN GTR?


    Hey AutoTopNL, when are you racing Bugatti cars?


    RIP bugs


    Thos legs tho


    Allemachtig wat een snelheid! Ik had t niet gedurft

    Monair Richardson

    Fast asf!!!


    Man that red dot … what is that? 😐


    That is more like 500 MAX! Unless it's towing a fucking trailer with 500kg in it!

    Damian von Krövzic

    Hmm… thats interesting… why? Because the new Toyota Supra have a 3.0 V6… similar performance… if tuned equally.



    Hasret Gümüş

    now that is a real car..


    dunno why, but elmerhouse and mosselman cant build fast cars.. i mean.. its like 10 seconds lower to 300 than every other m4 with 600 hp :>

    Zakaria Bougrinat

    How could you 😍, i must say i love your vids keep the good work 👍👍👍👍👍

    Antonio Calimero

    Heel traag, dat klopt.
    Misschien een mossel tussen de cilinder..

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