Thursday, March 23, 2023

670cc Drag Rail Revival! | Our 55HP Harbor Freight Engine Rail Kart Returns!

Main 670cc Drag Rail Revival! | Our 55HP Harbor Freight Engine Rail Kart Returns!

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    Glenn Salisbury

    Well, pleased to hear ya'll pronounce aluminium correctly now πŸ™‚


    Thing NEEDS that sled motor.. man wouldn't that be cool

    Daxton Anderson

    I feel like you should just order 2 mikuni carbs in each size and keep one at your parents + one at the shop of each πŸ˜› It seems the answer is always "just swap the carb" when you guys go to an old motor

    Kris Roberts

    Carboureter for aircraft don't have a float valve or the engine would cut out at strange angles!πŸ‘

    neo 71665

    Pretty sure I've said this a dozen times on deaf ears.
    Electric fuel pumps push better than they suck. Put the pump near the tank where it belongs. There is a reason why you only see modern cars with pumps in the tanks. The use the fuel to cool the pump and its where it supposed to be by the tank.
    Either get the correct rated pump or put a reg on that thing.

    Honestly I'm surprised they let you threw tech last time.

    John Doe

    Hey im really interested in buying that nascar go kart I been searching for about a couple months and can't seem to find one, I love the vids keep it up just really interested ?????? Can you or you guys wiling to sell (SERIOUS INQUIRE)??? Please

    David Bakker-Wester

    Look at Rotax airplane engines,some of their carbs work upside down. Or Look up a vid about how the spitfire engine works that wil explain allot.

    Incognito Bandito

    oil leak gag at the end hahaha


    What would be cool is you and him put the 670 snowmobile sled engine in that and make a cooling sistom that would be fast

    Steve Jacobson

    Put the 2 stroke you guys just got on it

    keaton beckham

    im pretty sure airplanes use diaphragm carburetors like the ones used on chainsaws, weed eaters etc… so they can work upside down. might be called pressure carburetors.


    That was funny just at the end with a fork lift named exon valdez

    Ethan Keeen

    Needs the 100hp two-stroke on it


    Aircraft carburetors are specifically made for aircraft. They are often more complicated than normal β€œsmall engine” carburetors as well as having an FAA manufactures airworthiness certificate. In other words to make and sell carbs for aircraft you need that cert from the FAA. There are also regulations about changing the β€œstock” carbs on any aircraft. In order to change to a different carb (unless it’s on a list of FAA approved carbs for your specific engine) then you need what’s called a supplemental type certificate. Again, in order to attain that, you need to be in touch with them FAA. Long story short, the difference is the regulations surrounding the aircraft carbs. In theory they work the same as any carb. And of course there are float type and pressure type.

    Gareth Wick

    I'm so glad it's out of the shed!!!
    You should put the 2stroke on it

    John Daniels

    Man you guys need to start building up spare parts and keep them organized on a shelving unit


    We built this 60s inspired miniature drag rail about three years ago with a modified Harbor Freight 670cc V twin making about 55 horsepower. Our engine had a …


    The same thing happend to my 5th scale rc baha a rock got in there and killed my coil……you guys should get a couple of 5th scale RCs they use chainsaw engine same style of stuff like your go carts and they are super fun bros


    you just ever going to swap the driver position with the engine? The biggest performance gain you could make would be to remove those driveline losses by the jackshafts. plus you'd pull almost 100 lbs out of it. Bet you'd drop to mid 8's in the 1/8th


    You should take the engine off from dukarti and put it on the dragster. I said that 2years agoπŸ˜‚

    Matthew Povey

    When do we get to see the truck in all it glory

    Bradley J. Fortner

    This thing needs some competition. Something else that goes really fast and really straight. A drag mini-bike maybe? I don't know. But, SOMETHING needs to be in the other lane.

    Christopher Mariscal


    Christopher Mariscal

    Bring back the black widow


    Smog pump supercharger, like redbeard.

    Zombie plant

    Make a race motor for it


    Was that Epilogue a Teaser? πŸ€”


    I say it will run an 7.75 in the 1/8 mile.

    dr reckoff

    I would love to see you turbo charge that motor and build a new rail with the motor in the rear ,maybe check into some real junior rail slicks instead of the turf tires ,just some thoughts for future episodes!!!!


    I have to say if you want to boost this V twin you can use a AMR-300 or a AMR- 500 supercharger . if you look on Amazon there 220 bucks but If you look on Alibaba you can find them for 120 bucks for a rebuilt one there good up to a 2.0 litre engine for the AMR-500 model or a 1.7 litre for the AMR-300 . I would love to see the dragster ripping up the strip with a blower on it .


    Some Robinson Helicopters use Carburetors

    Mi Scusi

    Red beard's garage has done a supercharged 670, maybe an idea for this thing. It would b a rocket.

    cole cole

    The torque converter is rated for 50 horsepower


    whenever you have a simple gap set up like a lawn mower or a old school points set up on a car you can get away with using a match book flap as a feeler gauge to set the gap . most match books are made with 3 mil paper so it's about perfect for setting the gap on a mower the points on a old beater car. I own like 5 sets of feeler gauges for all kinds of old points set up's and I still fall back to the match book for my old dodge's points . the best part for doing a mower mag is you can put the match book flap between the fly wheel and the mag and just tighten the bolts the match book will slide right out after your done leaving the gap perfect and ready to run.


    i heard you guya wanna race the dudes over at RBG πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ im hyped but they aint got no chance if you guys use one of your build motors πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they are using a build one (latest vid of them) but you got this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜


    i'm new to your channel and it's awesome! great work guys!
    i couldn't do this in my country so i have to rely on you two πŸ˜€

    Dylan Zrim

    Subaru likely make aircraft carbs. I think aviation carbs are the origin of those slide carbs

    Keep flying Race up

    Does it have a CDI if so you said it sit out for an hour if it has a CDI I bet the CDI heat it up a little bit so it has spark again

    ColossalBrake 19

    Needs a 1000cc crotch rocket engine

    Pocket Ace

    The Drag Rail is one of the build series That got me really into this channel! Love this thing and glad to see it back.

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