Saturday, March 25, 2023

670cc Harbor Freight Drag Rail Hits the Track (First Time in 2 YEARS)!

Main 670cc Harbor Freight Drag Rail Hits the Track (First Time in 2 YEARS)!

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    We got our custom built Harbor Freight 670cc powered dragster together and running in the last episode, and now we’re taking it to the drag strip for 1/8th mile …

    No Diggity77

    Sending Prayers to those people there who where hurt god bless them and bless you guys John And Isaac

    Jim Ciancio

    Very very Cool Video Guys! As an ex Drag racer it's always refreshing to see what someone's imagination and some horse power can create! Awesome I always had a soft spot for front engine death rails! I had a neighbor growing up with a real big block Chevy powered sling shot! There's nothing like your ass and balls being the first targets for anything gone wrong with your U joints or yolks or the rear end itself! That drag cart and the color along with the big camed V twin is really just all the perfect combination of coolness! Lol be safe guys and keep em coming we Love ya and what you make for us all to enjoy.

    Nevstar Unone

    hope the spectators & the driver are fine. My hart goes out to them.

    Virgil Jones

    This just tickles my titty's. Love love 💖 the drag rail.

    ronnie husky

    1:40 is that a……SUPRA?!

    Gareth Wick

    Why not try a gear box and set it up like a harley with a separate box behind the engine

    matthew cornelison

    When you live in a world of “ half assery” you’ll always be in last place

    Kirk Nelson

    you guys need to install a tach, and i'd also point one of your cameras at the torque converter, so you can actually see what its doing, well after the run anyways.


    looks like that thing needs a 35 shot of NO2.

    Logan Hinc

    typical mustang


    im still confused to why the Ducati motor isn't in this rail yet.


    You guys should've also invited Vasily.

    Jacob Page

    Nice seeing the dragster again. How about a twin 670 engine setup? Kind of make a Tommy Ivo style tribute dragster. I think it would be pretty cool…

    The masked maker

    Can you say in next vid where you get cheap carts love the chanel please keep it up

    Leandros Komninos

    You guys should team up with Garrett @ Cleetus McFarland's and put that 650cc Rotax in his hovercraft!! That'll give it some poke!!

    Earl Crump

    Daucati motor 👍✌️

    Shawn Lee

    That ATV was flying


    Boi that motor isn't a lawn mower engine
    It was built for the drag car then swapped onto the mower for the hell of it

    Nathaniel Mathies

    Can't understand why you bothered to "upgrade" the 670 to make 55hp when a stock Suzuki SV650 makes 70hp.
    Sport bike 600cc engines make 100hp.

    Collin Pennington

    I want a built 670 so bad but I don’t wanna have to build it

    Ken Bergren

    Stay safe, and have fun. Racing your stuff at the track is a grin

    David Fountain

    Yall should definitely Race the Cross Cart at the Drag Strip

    Chevy Guy 55

    The thing needs ANOTHER gear! Looks great off the line, needs more top speed!

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