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7 Best Muscle Cars From 80's

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    7 Best Muscle Cars From 80’s. Watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button. Send me your cars videos: Thanks all for …

    Kevin Williams Jr.

    The Buick GNX made 276hp (though allegedly underrated and actually makes 300+hp). I think you got it mixed up with the Buick Grand National which made 245hp. Two separate cars.

    jeremiah johnson

    Well, too bad all these cars are pony cars. The ford mustang never became a a "muscle car" till the 69 mach 1

    Norwall Music

    Ten out of ten on this one fam. 👍

    Dave Furon

    Uncle owned a 1982 Camaro Z28, great body but engine had about 110 HP, some vehicles are just made for engine swaps.


    That thunderbird with the wing is the single ugliest car i have ever seen in my life…

    صلاح الدين قتال

    Beateful and Best cars👌

    Douglas Englert

    There are no muscle cars from the 80's…unless you disassembled them and put them back together…Nice try though.

    Мурад Велиметов

    Regal gnx has 276 hp


    Ford 3.8 V6 is not known for its reliability . Ford tried to copy the Buick V6 but failed.

    Mike Morris

    For any kids who know nothing about cars and are wondering why these large engines make small power. New emissions regulations forced on automaker's choked them. Blame the government.

    Norm Terry

    Brings back some good memories my brother had more of those lightning trucks you spoke of and I knew people that have some of the other cars you show I like the video I like the way you describe each car and how you say it so thanks



Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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