Monday, March 27, 2023

7,000 Miles in a Supercharged Miata and Type R swapped Civic – Episode 1

Main 7,000 Miles in a Supercharged Miata and Type R swapped Civic – Episode 1

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    Last year we drove our Evo 9 MR and STI swapped Subaru Forester from Florida to Alaska. Now, we’re going to take another road trip! We’ve bought a …

    King Lumpy

    No way that civic was 5k

    Soaring Doge

    a 150 hp Miata will absolutely destroy a v6 Camry. Power to Weight ratio means a lot more then you think.

    dizzy rider

    I get pretty tired of people calling the MX5 “slow”. I’ve owned plenty of slow cars. My old Rover was one My frog eye sprite was slow. My Triumph was slow. My stock Roadster with 119 HP isn’t slow. It’s not super fast, but it’s definitely not “slow”. Handles pretty damn good too.

    ali syed


    Andrew L

    Love the road trip series. Can’t wait to see my city Toronto!


    really great episode. Love the civic by the way!

    Alex Demers

    FuCk ye S

    Garry Mah

    Been waiting for this since the last road trip ! Great production value as always, looking forward to the next episode.

    No Name

    This is one of the best car channels on YouTube!!! Keep going guys (Y)

    Jinge Liu

    You can take a Miata cross the country, if you are G&G and you have another SUV follows you along the way.

    laura f

    Simply amazing! I cannot wait to watch the rest of the series. I love the EK9!!!


    I think the only new car coming close to this oldschool Civic is the Suzuki Swift. 950kg/2000lbs 1L turbo 110hp or 1.4L turbo 140hp with pretty linear torque. It's 25-30% lighter than the new Polo!
    150hp in an NA Miata is not slow, it doesn't have instant monster torque but come on…

    christopher jacob

    21:03 "Proud Asian American Woman" Nice shirt Ben 😂

    Paulo Bumaye

    All hard tops should be burnt! Keep your soft top!

    julius dogta

    Top gear low budget bang for the buck mini road trip

    Aaron S

    Top notch work as always 👍🏻

    Brett Hemphill

    I'd recommend checking out the Bay of Fundy!

    Gabe F

    Man I wish I didn’t miss the Toronto meetup

    Gabe F

    Man I wish I didn’t miss the Toronto meetup

    Texter’s Realm BULK SMS Kenya –

    I looooooove you guys. May your turbos forever spool


    I need to know how to get a super charger in my miata , send the link please

    Eric Slimp

    Ben should have bought a del Sol instead of a Miata 😂 I'm just a Honda lover 😍


    This is a TERRIBLE idea lol I’ve driven my miata for 5 hours o. Track and hated it each time haha

    Dominic Dueno

    They are doing what I want to do with my life. Take pictures and videos of cars. Working are the cars and then getting to film them, A dream of mine.

    Kevo Kirby

    Any video with the roads of the Appalachian Mountains has my heart. ❤️


    I hope you guys drove though Ottawa, I wanna see you guys!

    Fkin Opah

    This is so awesome!! Great video guys 👍🏼

    Online Anonymous

    Ek owner and extreme fan of that beautiful hatch. This was such a well done video and I continue to love the content you all push out.


    About damn time..


    that map has topeka,ks spelled "Topeta"


    $5k no way


    Next time you guys come south, hit me up and I'll get some exciting follow footage, check out my "Drift and Collide" edit for an example of what I'm talking about 🙂

    Dylan Gerrior

    ur in halifax

    justin turner

    I drive without shoes a lot. It’s super easy to heel toe🤣🤓

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