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700+HP, No Seatbelts, Broken Back, New Laws?

Main 700+HP, No Seatbelts, Broken Back, New Laws?

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    In September 2019 Kevin Hart, his trainer, and his trainers girlfriend were in an accident that totaled Kevin’s 1970 Plymoth Barracuda. Kevin and his personal …

    noneya bidness

    How bout we legislate some personal freakin responsibility….


    California just wants another excuse for more power. Governments almost never have a point when it comes to legislation. Never let a tragedy go to waste bootlickers!

    chris herbert

    Its a choice to modify a car and also a choice to drive it. But if your going to put that kind of power in it you should be responsible enough to put in safety equipment but more importantly the driver should have some performance driving experience!! if you build a race car then your experience should match.

    chucker5505 Hammer

    They are targeting a small amount of actual vehicles. The safety equipment should be the responsibility of the owner. If it did in fact have no seat belts, it could not be registered legally. The original safety equipment has to be installed.

    Michael Meyers

    Way to keep the SJWs happy with correct PC terminology.
    Dude or Dudette.

    andrew clark

    Operator error is what caused the accident. The accelerator pedal didn't push itself.

    Michael Meyers

    No seatbelts? Not even lap belts? You are asking for back or neck injuries in that situation. We’ve progressed quite a ways beyond the “getting thrown out of the car” is the safest option. You know. “American Graffiti” days with blown flatheads in Model As.
    Old airplanes now have updated options for a 4 or 5 point shoulder harness to be added With airbags in both shoulder straps to stabilize the upper body and neck in a severe impact.
    I don’t know if it’s available or not but I would opt out of the airbag option on the midline 5 point harness belt.
    Just my opinion. Thinking about the boys.
    At the minimum I would want to see real safety data before I checked that option box.
    Who’s going to volunteer to test that? I’ve yet to see a crash test dummy with “ commando” groin accelerometers and crush sensors.
    Maybe I’m just behind the times. Technology moves quickly.

    Roger Bennett

    As far as safety goes, people make mistakes all the time. The real question is is should other people pay for that person's mistake? My answer is no. We live in the age where people want to put their problems on other people rather than taking ownership of what they do.

    ryan davis

    Hard head makes a soft as$!


    Added to my playlists " LIKED VIDEOS no.2 rrandomvideozz ", " CAR VIDEOS no.2 rrandomvideozz " .

    David Thebeau

    I always air on the side of more freedom less regulation


    Leave it to commiefornia to implement draconian car laws…

    Dan Hambrick

    Seat belts save lives….


    I say: keep things stock. If you don't, you're assuming you know better than the team of engineers that invested millions in designing your car, which hardly seems likely.

    And if you feel the urge to mod, maybe you have the wrong car to begin with. Get a car that needs no mods, that you're happy with as it came out the factory.

    It's like having a pig, putting on fake fur, lengthening its tail with a fake tail extension, getting it to wear fake paw shoes, spending months training it to bark instead of grunt… but wouldn't have been easier to get a dog to begin with?

    Brian The Explorer

    There are too many useless regulations as it is. If someone want to drive reckless with minimum or no safety equipment let them, it’s there life at the end of the day

    Martin Poole

    I remember the old days when Eric used to fix cars.


    So there will be more terrible comedy from Kevin in the future? That's tragic!

    Captain Awesome

    This just in, California was to regulate taking the fun out of yet another hobby.


    I am sure it is required by law to wear seat belts when one drives on the streets in all of the states


    you cant legislate stupid away


    Just another opportunity for government to fuck things up. Seatbelts and shit were originally meant to be optional. Another chance for them to capitalize on special permits/inspections and try to steer people away from doing anything other then sitting inside following fake news and going on facebook. Remember they are trying to dumb us down to full dependence…

    juice323 blue

    Definitely should be required in all vehicles.

    juice323 blue

    The personal trainer probably didn't realize how much power the car had .


    So people like Kevin Have no common sense , this is called population control.

    Matt Eveans

    everything that you asked about, we already do in Australia

    Randy Williams

    It not really about safety in California . It’s about the government wanting to ban these cars for environmental reasons . This just gives the left leaning government a good excuse to crack down on custom cars .


    It all boils down to common sense, and many people lack that virtue.


    Honestly, I would be very against installing roll bars on street driven vehicles. It can easily open a box of issues where an injury was caused by the roll bar.


    Without seatbelts that car should not have been on the street. There should be a law that every modified car should have at least seat belts.

    Tai Maishu-Nao

    Needed a damn seat belt. Sorry but Kevin should be sued for allowing a car to be driven on the street with not even a simple set of lap belts. To me, that’s very negligent. I don’t think the shop should be sued but they need to be aware of this incident and make changes to their business practices.

    Guillermo S

    I vote to remove killerfornia out the union


    I Won't be watching anymore Kevin Hart movie's. That's for sure.


    Some people are just not capable of owning a custom anything. Plenty of videos of RICH idiots buying Lambo's and wrecking them the first day of driving them. But I bet we continue seeing Lamborghini's in Hollywood.
    Keven Hart paid and took This car home without issue and NOW wants to sue.
    What a D!€k move. He's gonna ruin it for Everyone.

    Anom Amos

    There’s a thing called the cocoon effect where the driver feels so safe that they become a danger to everyone around them because they think that they’re being safe, the term Volvo driver was coined because really bad drivers flocked to these safe vehicles and not only did it make them stick out like a sore thumb but their driving actually got worse due to the cocoon effect.
    Then there is the Darwin effect where something is so dangerous that it actually encourages stupidity.
    The Darwin effect is why some people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns motorcycles or be let out of their nappies and prams.

    Mike G

    So here in CA if something didn't come with seatbelts originally, it's grandfathered in that you can continue to drive it without them. In all other circumstances, it's illegal to drive without safety restraints commensurate to or exceeding the original equipment. So he was already breaking laws that are already on the books, and the solution is to make more laws because something that the laws he broke were designed to prevent happened to him after he broke the law? What if we just say "that's why we had that law," tell him we're sorry he got hurt but we tried to warn him ahead of time, fine him for breaking it, and then all move on with our lives?

    Also, Eric can we talk about Master Driver's licenses and in this case perhaps what the parameters for those should be? It's a topic I've seen before – Brock Yates had a good article about the concept years ago in Car and Driver where he laid out his ideas. I feel like someone driving who had some experience with high horsepower vehicles might have avoided the entire situation here.


    Look up New Zealand LVVTA

    Anom Amos

    Where I’m from there are three levels of crap you need to comply with to get your vehicle on the road. First it must not have any modification that wasn’t in that particular model of vehicle engine or brakes or anti pollution without an engineering compliance report stating that the upgrades are safe and suitable for road use. If you put in a bigger motor that wasn’t an option you need to upgrade everything else to suit including the safety restraints. If it was an option you still need to fit everything else that went with the option like brakes etc.
    You can’t remove the pollution gear. If you fit a motor from a much newer vehicle you need to fit the pollution gear from the new model not downgrade to the older vehicle.
    You cannot modify the structure of the vehicle by some amount in some obscure ways that sometimes makes sense and in others is bizarre depending on which engineering illiterate nanny wrote the rules.


    And if they didnt drive ridiculously fast with worn out tires on that carrera gt, Paul Walker would most likely still be around today….

    Jonas Lekstutis

    Meanwhile I'm living in Europe where even coilovers are illegal. You can't modify anything here.

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