Monday, March 20, 2023

720HP AUDI RS6 Elmerhaus *FAST!* 305km/h on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Main 720HP AUDI RS6 Elmerhaus *FAST!* 305km/h on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

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    720HP AUDI RS6 Elmerhaus *FAST!* 305km/h on AUTOBAHN (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be the first to see new content!

    Hussam 98


    lawan akram

    I can’t decide between volkswagen jetta 2019 and nissan maxima 2018 to buy one of them please help me

    Daryn Erkinuly

    Я ебанулся, и измеряю 0-100 на своей старой RSке на Автобане в Германии


    This is much better than the new RS6 generation

    Jake Zulueta

    The sound of the car shifting made me smile.


    3:00 blinkers on😬


    Put a stone in an empty cola-can and you have the same sound.

    ilke tama

    roads looks awesome car sounds so good and its so fast what more you can want from a car video

    Richard van Tricht

    Lekker geluidje…

    Sic Lusifer

    are people still able to go from the Netherlands to Germany?

    Michal Nycz

    Guys dont show this to public where you drive so fast cuz they will take of the non speed limit and reduct it to 100 like in Holland…. 🤦‍♀️

    Patrick Roeser

    I love how most of the clips start with somebody moving over from the fast lane.

    Jefiko wmmt

    Wow the sound.

    Live Life Large 786

    I love this camera angle!


    Thats a lot of traffic man. You are overtaking with 300+ and there are cars on both other lanes. No need to be speeding with 250+km/h. You guys are being more and more irresponsible. Go on a race track please.

    Pops & flames

    love this crackle sound so much

    fips assmussen

    this sound is horrible like a tractor

    Marius Florin Sporea

    Best car ever ❤️


    Experienced driver 😂😂😂 didn't know it's that difficult to put you're foot down and hold you're steering wheel

    Roy Cheng

    720HP?So it’s like stage 1 right?


    3:18 you forgot your flash open 😂

    Silvano Philipp

    Its Corona Time


    Modded rs6 can't even beat e63s estate hahahah embarrassing

    joy serenity

    video length too short, longer video plz


    Do more runs with dragy posted, please

    Klaus B

    Man I hate the sound of "popcorn poppin" from the exhaust. This just sounds ridiculous.


    Oh, it's the beautiful RS6 again.

    I hate that full touch garbage, it just needs too much attention..

    u kosku

    Analog instruments!

    Bughogus bughogus

    Hi Guys, people are now all over the world coping with coronavirus lockdown to remain safe. And you guys are still racing as if nothing serious is taking place. How amazing🤣. I wish u luck😅.

    Puppet `

    I expected less traffic these days, because u know why, why isnt this the case?


    the only issue that germans are not boring..


    Damn those fake engine and exhaust sound through speakers are getting better!


    There's something on your head dude.

    Carlos Makgato

    Another dope video. Thanks bro. How come you dont show us the vehicle before like you use to? Noticed it with the AMG GT as well.


    1:48 clutch wear?


    Station wagon familycar. 🙁


    Nice video!!!!!! 😀

    Ferenc Kiss

    I love your channel but why do you upload "old" videos as new? I found 9 videos of that exact same car in your channel in a minute.

    I'm a big fan btw, absolutely love your videos, but it' annoying when I excitedly watch one of your new uploads and I'm like yeah this was a good video a month ago and a year before that too.

    Bekir Tunç Ergin

    Sehr sehr gut.❤❤😍Das Schöne Auto

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