Monday, March 20, 2023

750cc Cross Kart FIRST DRIVE!

Main 750cc Cross Kart FIRST DRIVE!

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    We take our 750cc cross kart on it’s first test ride! We finish up a ton of loose ends in this video- we install the brakes, finish the engine mounts, weld the front …

    jye traval

    If I had a dollar for each time I’ve seen a bit of weld go in between one of you guys sock/shoe I’d have enough to build a gokart

    Gradon Pannell

    I remember when it was just a pre cut coffin looking for a level spot to be welded.. man that thing turned out so freaking badazz.. never doubted you guys for a moment.. I’ll say it again that is the nicest and sweetest machine y’all have built to date..

    Peyton Mercer

    I’ve never seen Ike so happy

    kevin bailey

    Super cool good job

    listen to my mixtape its fire

    Stop using GPS parts, its trash quality!

    jeff sebastian

    Wish you could give it away lol


    let me get this straight, rather b welding is making a dune buggy with a honda 2 cylinder engine, carsandcameras is making a cross cart with a honda 4 cylinder engine, and moto migs is converting a honda 4 cylinder honda bike engine to the naskart hrmmm… '~`


    16:10 spirit of Leroy RIP


    That soundtrack though, was the best thing. It really suits the rough look of it all.

    Isaac&crystal lucero

    Great work boys!!!


    Everything you build is cool, but this is probably my favourite, it’s very cool 👍


    I think this is the best project of CaC !

    Isaac&crystal lucero

    Great vid as always!!! You guys remind me of Tim and Al from The 90’s show Home Improvement

    Steven Lavin

    Is this going to be 4wd

    Isaac&crystal lucero

    That bad boy looks really nice! I didn’t realize how long that bad boy was until I seen Ike hitting the corners. Lol

    Kegan Powers

    it needs bigger tires

    007 T-5

    That kid Vasyl built a frame with a kx250 engine on it. That frame would be so perfect for this engine!

    Turner Bullock

    Don’t put paddles on it man it’s cool the way it is already (shifter wise at least idk how anyone else feels) I honestly like the way the kart is.

    007 T-5

    Shitty looking frame…to bad ! A 750cc kart is cool!


    Extend your wiring harness to put the gauge cluster on the front, shorten up the shifter throw, tune the engine, get some "mufflers" for the pipes, maybe add lighting, get the cooling/ducting sorted, figure out a safer fuel tank, make a heat shield/firewall for the back of the seat, add a little safety for the driver, and you guys have a straight up B E A S T!!! It's like a redneck Formula SAE racer! I'm curious what the weight distribution is like. Handling-wise, it actually looks to be pretty solid.

    Insanity mode: put slicks on it and a wing on the back and take it to an autocross!

    Dilan Pearson

    You guys are bleeding the brakes wrong, your supposed to open the bleeder press the peddle down close the bleeder release the peddle and after doing it a few times pump the brakes


    love the channel have been watching from the beginning. however i wasn't a big fan of this episode didn't care much for the music in the back ground but the main thing was that you went threw everything to fast and had to much going on at once i understand wanting to get it done i just miss the details

    Steven Taylor

    sounds like it needs a little tuning it was breaking up.

    rephlex tek

    I got giddy like a school girl when I heard that fire up.

    Jameson stratton

    Are y’all going to paint it?


    Sounds awesome

    M McKinley

    Why does this thing remind me of the Munster Mobile?

    john beach

    Thumbs up guys Whoop!

    Dats pretty sweet bruh

    You should keep the younger man he seems to peak a lot of peoples interest

    Awesome 136

    Now ls swap it

    Michele beck

    A REAL toy!! Cheers from kiwi land

    Steven Adams

    Love it

    Nate Mullan

    Exhaust is mint 😍

    Tanner Bantz

    You should try and make a to seeted go cart


    That thing is bad ass

    joseph evreniadis

    Great build guys I never miss a video 👍👍

    Ian Ellithorpe

    Kick ass guys, as usual

    Wildest Mormon

    Need 22x11x8 tires all the way around.


    Welding with no gloves?

    I see we have a brave man of culture!

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