Tuesday, March 28, 2023

750cc Cross Kart Thrash + Speed Testing!

Main 750cc Cross Kart Thrash + Speed Testing!

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    We take the 750cc cross kart out on it’s first road test! First, we add more bracing to the front end of the chassis to prevent flexing and failure over large bumps, …

    travis rasmussen

    I would love to have sum like this

    Nic B Creations

    13:50 when you grab that 6th gear on a 5-speed.

    Mieszko Grzyl

    Can I have it .


    The gas tank you are using is for like a 50cc engine and the petcock doesn't allow enough fuel to pass through to the carburetors.


    You should pull the spark plugs and see if they are burning to lean, you may need to change the jets. And buy a synchronizing tool, so you can synchronize the carbs, you shouldn't have to use socks with the K&N air filter unless the jets are to small.

    ug Quatics

    you need to stop screwing around… an rb26dett is like 2500 bucks for a good one… slap it in there and double the welds…

    Derrick cushshon

    I hope they learn how to make better welds…

    Wildest Mormon

    Need 22x11x8 tires and a skat style shifter

    Aaron Taylor

    If the carbs are clear then sync them with an air flow meter then jet as necessary .

    Roy Patterson

    You need to tune those carburetors, and you should put an 8-ball shift knob on top of the shifter after you chop it down some!

    Russ Tishtish

    Lmao Ike welding in shorts is hilarious πŸ˜‚

    Reverend D

    Get you a short piece of pipe for a shifter with a handle on it that doesn't flop around like a carp and have 3 feet of throw I think it'll improve your driving experience a ton. Also check the footage perhaps its the lens but are the front shocks already in sort of a bananoid shape? Good luck, glad it went well and nobody died (that one post did almost try and jump up in front of ya!).

    Stapleton Garage

    I could use some help. I have a Baja warrior that I have swapped a predator 212 on with a torque converter. When it's idling the handlebars shake violently. When I give it gas it smooths out but quickly returns after letting off the gas. How would I resolve this.


    Keep the patina, clear coat it. Also make a slotted guide for that shift bar, and put a glowing red eye skull shift knob on the top.! Go full rat rod😎🀘🎸

    jacobie vidal

    Needs a head rest, cut the shifter down also

    Jason Petrich

    I think its sick great job, went nice and straight, and will be a drift machine

    B Curtis

    That power line run at the end was hella sketch Isaaic !


    Tune those carbs dammit!!!


    3:11 nuff said

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