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8 Supercars So Unique There’s Only Ever Been One In The World

Main 8 Supercars So Unique There’s Only Ever Been One In The World

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    8 Supercars So Unique There’s Only Ever Been One In The World This video is about 8 Supercars So Unique There’s Only Ever Been One In The World If you …

    Jonny Weber

    I like how it's says so unique there's only ever been one, but shows two clips of the said car that there is only supposed to be one of….obviously there's more than one of all you dumbass. Why not title it as limited production supercars ever made, or something.

    Chris Servic

    Anyone else see that the Ferrari has a 0-26 mph time of 3.5 seconds. Sounds about right I guess for s Ferrari.

    Lavtrabia Lawson

    Pantera sounds like a beast.

    Christian Pfarner

    The falcon F7 there was definitely more than one belt you can still buy it brand new for $195,000

    The Ferrari P330/4 What is the purpose built race car that there were a couple dozen made that now sell for millions of dollars that particular one in the video is a kit car

    The Pantera there was many many of those build and they are fairly easy to find in auto trader

    The V8 vantage Le Mans is rare but still 40 made not 1

    The P4/5 is actually a one off car but it’s not a Ferrari it was re-designed.

    The Ferrari super America 45 there was 599 of those.

    The infinity essence was a concept car so of course that’s a one off but if you want to count concept cars there’s a whole lot you missed lol

    Maybe do some research next time before posting a video saying something as fact.


    3:08 0-26mph in 3.5 seconds?? Well still faster than my car

    upside downdog

    If I ever got stupid rich somehow a Pantera would be my choice of car. It was sold at Lincoln Mercury dealerships in the US. Not rare or one of but really cool cars. That 351 Cleveland engine is a hoss on its own and quite easy to hotrod.


    Falcon F7 is a production supercar based in Detroit. It's not one of a kind

    Javi Chaguin

    Pantera one-off? 😂😂😂😂😂

    Chris Dooley

    I’m no auto historian but pretty sure there’s more than one Pantera


    Tyvm for sharing.

    Garrett Box

    Ummm… there’s more than one pantera.


    So good❗SuperCars is very cool❗🎶👌


    The Presidential candidate who says that each of us has a human right to own at least one exotic sports car – and will provide that car to me for free – gets my vote.

    8 P

    Albert Ferrer

    Yes! Amazing

    All Things M3

    Good thing there’s only one of those Aston Martinis. It’s one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen. Looks like someone full rice on a Kia.

    جرهم JARHAM

    am first hit the like who reading my comment✅✅

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