Saturday, March 25, 2023

800hp Coyote Powered Hot Rod… on LeMans Wheels?? Mike Burroughs Ford Model A truck

Main 800hp Coyote Powered Hot Rod… on LeMans Wheels?? Mike Burroughs Ford Model A truck

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    We’ve been following our friend Mike Burroughs’ builds for years, from Rusty Slammington to his previous Model A project. But this – this is some next level work.


    If you had a Fully Built 800HP Coyote Motor sitting in your garage, what chassis would you put it in!?

    Kikox Colter

    It weights 1000kg half of it is probarly the engine but thats merica babyyy



    Capital V

    Where can get that style of wheels


    @11:30 you need to straighten out that suspension piece as it looks like its binding.


    This thing is incredible, it looks so 'balanced'.

    Rick Smead

    if your reading comments is there any chance you would sell it? if so message me.

    Bad Nooz

    I wish you guys would do a short ride along in all these crazy cars

    Ebiasaf Jahdai Perez Trinidad

    Awesome 😈πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    Daniel Tojcic

    I loveeeee it – nice job


    I gave it a πŸ‘ just cuz he kept it all Ford. Wish I could give him 2 πŸ‘ for using a coyote


    Thats fucking disgusting.. In a good way lol

    Garrett Burrows

    screw that foot well. dont imagine a emergency stop going well. still a nice build

    Ben Herman

    no hitmarker today

    Brenen Raymond

    His beard roles

    Matt Roden

    thank god it’s not another LS swap.

    Joe Anthony


    Zach Benedetti

    A Coyote on Hoonigan? Never thought I’d see the day!

    A Lemon

    If Its terrifying to drive, then I definitely want a chance to get to drive it

    Parker Hargett

    Video of driving it???


    you know what makes me sweat..??? COCAINE, yeah Cocaine make me sweat…


    How did we just breeze over those wheels? Like, where does one manage to come across a full set of wheels from a PROTOTYPE Dpi LeMans race car?! I mean we can't just source those from eBay or Craigslist!?

    Les Szabo

    That is truly a work of art, is it for sale?

    Rob Sorgdrager

    …gets Bonner so fast rob passes out…

    Killian Snell

    Dang the guy used the first year of the 5.0 and it makes around 800 hp that’s awesome

    King Slayer

    Ok where was the high five spark #Whothefuck is slackin lol

    Lucas Warren

    Amazing build and I love the sound of that coyote. I want to point out though that it's a dead giveaway that it was built in SoCal when you see rust used as decoration e.g. the body welds for the chop with zero rust protection.

    Shep Killinit

    F#$cking sick truck. Not my "style" but glorious. It kinda fits into a small part of every car category, makes it very difficult not to like πŸ‘Œ gosh I'd love a drive πŸ˜…


    Just checking back in about the burn yard session for this one. Let me know.

    Mason Dowell

    0:08 when the horses wake-up your iMac

    Brandon Nickerson

    Best vehicle ever fn built!


    Hell Yes he needs to bring this to the burnyard

    William Perry


    Jonathan Smith

    Wonder what it would look like with the 31 fenders as a wide body

    Hiatus 16

    Love rat rods.. I especially love the head light setup..

    CMDR Boom

    I'm having an extra OMG moment. I constructed a 3D model of a truck JUST like this about 8 years ago; well, nearly identical. I used deep dish wheels and meaty sidewalls on the front and fat drag tires on the back. It's like you printed it right off my hard drive.
    Off to sweep my house for 'bugs'…

    Ozzy Medina

    I'm in complete and undeniable LOVE..!


    sounds like a worn out 302 tbh

    fred derf


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