Tuesday, March 21, 2023

809HP BMW M5 F90 | 312km/h AUTOBAHN POV (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

Main 809HP BMW M5 F90 | 312km/h AUTOBAHN POV (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL

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    Get DRAGY 10Hz GPS 809HP BMW M5 F90 | 312km/h AUTOBAHN POV (NO SPEED LIMIT) by AutoTopNL Subscribe to be …

    makos asimakis

    THE M5 E60 could go 330 with ease . This m5 with 300 hp more disappointed me . BMW ruined their cars … v8 and twin turbo my ass

    Thomas Hoch

    What watch are you wearing?

    Joseph Martin

    You need to do the BMW M8


    3:43 100-306
    4:18 247-312

    Andrew Baksota

    I just came in to my pants….

    Memo lee


    Unstoppable Gamer

    With 809 bhp I was expecting to be faster…

    Daniel Oliveira


    Hai Fisch

    809 HP and the car have no downforce that mean the M5 can go easy 370 Km/H, WOW.


    color yes yes


    Stop using your phone you ignorant moron

    alin george

    Poor sound for 800hp🤮


    Yeaaah 7200 rpm at 300kmh nice


    omg it could reach 300 easily


    Your car is farting.


    That's just beyond crazy

    Alex Marquez

    The color on this car makes the car look cheap

    Darth Vader

    Just wait 4 to 5 more years you will be able to buy this car for the price of a new Ford Fiesta.

    Bekir Tunç Ergin

    BMW is love❤👌🎈👍✋👌👌❤

    Aaron Randolph Chen

    You know it's a proper German car when you're going 300 kmh and the wipers work as perfectly as they do at 100 kmh. LOL! That frozen green finish is very eye catching at first, but I think I would grow tired of it very fast. Awesome performance & an awesome engine too!


    Hace unos años con 500cv corrían como este con 800.donde están los 300 CV ?

    Z Maréchal

    – Max : bmw -me :🥺

    SAM GH

    So we ain’t gonna talk about wipers ON at 300km/h

    Raoul TAZIEF

    We need a Bugatti Chiron going at 400 km/h and more.

    Адекватный Фанат BMW

    Шикарная малышка)

    Christian Quen

    looks like over 300+ the car is veery shaky


    I am very impressed by how accurate that speedometer is.

    P Kofi Oti-Boateng

    Balls of steel.

    Jana Ebert

    It is raining you maniac!!!

    Jana Ebert

    Thank god he has his safety watch on


    Why not in rwd mode lol

    Arnaud r6

    Pilote de ligne droite


    Wasn’t the first Pov Video today


    This car is so fast, you can't really get the feeling through a video anymore. How hard it must press you in the seats?

    leo messi

    we need more ferrari videos bro

    M M

    High speed,low level of consciousness…

    Svetoslav Kolev

    Can someone please try to explain why people are so concerned if a car does 0-100 for 3.3 or for 2.9 sec? I mean, it's just one-two-three – 100km/h. That's it. Even if it's 2.5 for 0-100km/h how does that makes any difference in everyday urban driving or even on the autobahn ?

    Arno Oganesian

    Imagine spending 130k on a car only to buy a green one😂🤦‍♂️😖

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