Thursday, March 23, 2023

900hp Birthday Party: Formula Drift Championship Weekend With Team Worthouse!

Main 900hp Birthday Party: Formula Drift Championship Weekend With Team Worthouse!

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    When a race weekend involves a birthday AND a potential championship win, what do you do? You party with your friends, that’s what you do. Danger Dan and …


    2JZ swapped S15s are the best drift chassis in the game. Prove us wrong…

    Brad Seymour

    Can PLEASE we get a "GAHD DAMN" shirt

    George Smith

    Yeah boy that is sik

    Master Drifter

    Do they drift in Japan

    Lucas Lapointe

    Get tony in the fishtail cuda to send barnyard style please.

    Imagine A World

    Piotr is the next guy martin

    Imagine A World

    My two favorite people, zach and dan! Love you guys!

    Vandals Gardens

    Forrest won all of the OMT's

    Felix Fro

    Me: Damn shit that sunset is SO fcking awnsome how is that possible? 😂😍

    The Paint Slayer

    Great to see Dan again for a full video… His sweet voice singing "GARAGE, GARAGE" in my head..

    JT 666

    sooooo, you guys plan on doing a video with Queen B?


    A ride along in a right hand drive drift car seems like it would be crazier than left hand too me

    Jamie Tails

    how come hoonigan thinks its ok to use the word tranny when making jokes about trans girls ???? over on bad daddy brads project channel

    J Lancaster

    Y'all know wang Won.

    Sloppy Mechanics

    sloppy reference 6:42 boi

    Connor Hynes

    Can we get some b is for build love at sema this year? His build is insane and truly a one of a kind.

    Maxmachine 935_QC

    i think Dan and Piotr are soulmates……

    Aaron Forward

    Wait, so them highschool whippets were nitrous not co2? asking for a friend…

    Edgar Castellanos

    Dan shined the old man in the end hilarious no fist bump old bro

    Soppo Toppo

    5.4L Ford V8 Super Charged Crown Vic. Ride 4 deep

    bu kwok

    smooth operator. is carlos sainz start this smooth operator things first..?

    Redeye ROB

    James dean lookin for the fiver in the birthday card

    Rally Ru ’04 STi

    Should use that Championship Belt as a "hood ornament" on the Brap Pit would be a sick addition

    Ryan Dallas

    I love that a boy from Ireland is absolutely destroying the FD world, WAN IRELAND!

    Shouts to Piotr as well, such a likeable dude (and amazing driver too!)

    DEZ 1172

    well done James and Peter . 12:16 great cameo from @Becky Evans aka drift queen 😎


    Lol all of that wang vs James coverage and no mention of the controversy? Haven’t heard the entire crowd boo that hard in a long time.

    Keijon Harmon

    Those God Damns Where Accurate As Hell Lmao


    Damn i love seeing Aasbø and Wiecek battle. Both drivers are fucking insanely talented and it makes for a great fucking show. Grats to James for bringing home the W.


    He’s gonna get banned eventually. He’s just too good.

    Chris Kuers

    Is Peter(Piotr) ever in a bad mood? That dude has to be one of the happiest people on earth.

    wt martin

    Whatever happened to that pit truck?


    Still no Worthouse K -truck. They sold it or what?

    Austin Ramsay

    "Don't get high on your own supply" hahaha

    merdoc 17


    gavin nall

    Yeah Forest!!!!! Killing it!


    I see dan but where's brapit ?!? 😥

    ken large

    where is the k truck?

    Bill Cranford

    Remember when Piotr and James had the cool pit truck…

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