Thursday, March 23, 2023

900hp Twin Turbo Porsche 911 Conquers the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb!

Main 900hp Twin Turbo Porsche 911 Conquers the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb!

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    In memory of our friend and legendary rider, Carlin Dunne. When the squad at BBI Autosport decided to embark on the journey to conquer the 2019 Pikes Peak …

    Björn Nardten

    That one shot alone, of Betim on the ground, crying from pure joy, made the entire video for me. U know they gave it their all, smashing it out of the park and made big dreams come true. Congrats to BBI from Holland.

    And big up to Dan, Nads and the rest of the team – perfect level of voyeurism. Love to see more of this type of content.

    DG Stott

    Finally! Saw the build videos months ago, the Pikes Peak was many weeks ago, and had to wait all this time for the BTS. Cheeky

    Phillip Noetzel

    "Tastes like America!"
    Right on brothers and sisters…..freedom still lives on.


    Ken Block should enter a Pike's peak race

    Michael Lazaro

    Laughed so hard at 9:41

    Ian Miller

    In the morning time-lapse bit, with the soothing steel drum music, I can almost imagine David Attenborough speaking in his nature documentary voice about the race


    Tooo Geeees!

    real talk

    Congratulations, mission accomplished.

    Sean Thomas Of The Rauchert Family



    Incredible . The car yes but the driver barely had any experience on the mountain . Rally drivers are unreal .

    Chad Bremer

    I was there with the wife and kid this year. Halfway campground site. Our first hill climb. Awesome day aside from the accident with Dunne. The rain and hail made things interesting in the afternoon.

    Derrick Patterson



    9'23 ?? wtf its fcking slow LMAO. Sebastien Loeb did 8'13 on the 208 T16 (less power : 875 ch ) 6 years agos….shitty result

    Cory Eis

    I was glued to the screen way more than usual with this vid. I love the 1st take feel of all the conversations and the honesty from Dan and Nads. Killer video guys, please do more!


    You can not leave Pikes Peak without teaching Frenchy how to pronounce "Pancakes", cause this is Merica and we don't eat Crepes

    Jdor D

    Glad you guys made it through, stay safe…Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!

    Brian Oleshak

    Glad Racetech USA played a small part in it. Driver had to be comfortable & safe in order to focus on the road. Brian/Racetech

    Foreign Affairs Motorsport – European Auto Repair

    Congrats Boys!!

    Maxime Bellois

    GG, 1 minutes more than Loeb XD
    c u next year

    b. suprem

    The translator is a wayyyyy off!
    La traduction pas trop au top.

    Max Mendizabal

    Are you guys sure u didn’t get something else while in Colorado “the most beautiful rainbow 🌈 I’ve ever seen🤪🙃”nads pass the joint”

    Evan Peck

    0:47 that helicopter shot tho


    Only Porsche

    Joseph Latarte

    Betim and his crew at BBI really did pull off a phenomenal feat building this car and to have it perform flawlessly like it has there is just no words

    Joseph Latarte

    Who’s doesn’t love a good nap before a race?


    Im not a Porsche/Euro guy, but i can appreciate this.

    Well done to all involved.

    Keep Public Servants Accountable


    Alexanator contis

    Bring to summinats next year cars that will break and the rx7/shit box


    In raphs post race interview he said he had engine problems. Does anyone know what happened?

    Lewis Wagstaff

    This was absolutely class seeing the full journey to an amazing result, definitely want to see more of this kind of content!

    Matt Bomer

    Seeing Betim that emotional is fucking cool! Loved this whole build series loved you guys working with BBI… more please

    Fran M. L

    From where that "look what we've got" came from?


    Absolutely incredible from everyone involved. To make a factory Porsche Cup car into a Pikes Peak winner in such a short period is nothing short of astonishing. Congrats to all of you.

    RIP Carlin Dunne

    Ken Cornell

    What a journey!

    Greg Drozd

    Cool vid but Denis Giraudet deserves a introduction as well

    Kalashnikov Cortez

    RIP C8 corvette lol

    Doug Smith

    Congrats the BBI crew!

    rideordieguy rideordieguy

    That car is WAYYYYYYYYYYY to light in the front. Didn't listen to entire vid BUT lifted more than once she dangerous

    Maxime Onraedt Racing

    Awesome for BBI, awesome for all the guys who worked for this project <3 And SUPER HAPPY for Raph Astier! Huge congrats from France!!

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