Thursday, March 23, 2023

£990 Mercedes S500 Has The LARGEST Repair Bill I've Ever Seen!

Main £990 Mercedes S500 Has The LARGEST Repair Bill I've Ever Seen!

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    Enter our VIP experience with Michelin at this link! This week, Alex takes MEGA SPEC to Mercedes specialist Stevensons to see how much …

    George Merokis

    Leave it and walk home


    Fix it yourself with e-bay 2nd hand parts

    mica steph

    Or a grand at the local garage round the corner!

    Tim Klaassen

    still though, combined with the buying price of 1000 pounds, you would have a top spec S-class car for 11 to 12 thousand pounds. New it would have been more than tenfold that. From that perspective, it actually would be economical. Now I know the UK has some insanely low second hand car prices, but coming from mainland Europe, that would sound like a great deal.

    Eric George

    This is why cheap cars are never, ever cheap.

    David Mc Donnell

    Banger racing or a field car👍👍


    Well…looks like you should buy an audi a8

    Alex Parkes

    Do a series of you fixing the car on a budget buying using genuine parts or good quality after market parts so people can see how much it would cost to maintain an old top spec car themselves without having to pay dealer/garage prices


    Run it on a track without any engine coolant / oil show this car no mercy!

    Right Wing

    Surely a lot of parts can be bought off eBay or decent scrap yards, I mean who would pay £1000 for a headlight?


    So 8k pounds repair on a 1k pounds car….
    Maybe next time buy a more recent S class for 9k and drive a younger car?

    Daire 00

    Fix it anyway


    Such a posh mechanic

    Zoltan Benedek

    I would like to see the facial expression of every single East European S W220 owner who bought it for no money, after seeing this video. Mayday mayday babushka, we need the supplies

    Greg 444

    Don't repair b


    It seems to be the prices like at a Mercedes dealer. To keep it on the road, you should weld the rusted parts, change spark plugs or an ignition coil, find a used front suspension and that is all. And you donˋt need any specialist. In Germany, the best and cheap way to get a Mercedes repaired, is a Taxi garage. They all know Mercedes and they know where they get parts cheap.


    Go aftermarket, ditch the air suspension and fix it yourselves.

    enes Cakir

    Bring it to turkey, all those would be done for like 1000 pounds

    Jake Webster

    Now see if you guys can do it for less

    Eljakim De Clerck

    buy one or two for parts only and do the work yourself in a hobby garage

    fadzlen kadir

    Go to Arthur tussik and he'll repair it…


    So it's proven that mercedes cars are just money pits!


    I've been spend it on my E38 much more like9000£,but- brake discs+pads+shocks+tyres+wheels+sensors+gaskets+all wishbones+rear subframe bushes+ many many many other things.Labour?By myself


    And that’s why a specialist has a cappuccino machine and not a coffee maker.

    Darren Brown

    seal will only cost you no more then £100.00
    rear light only a seal
    this guy is a rip off
    you dont need a rear light

    Darren Brown

    rip offf £8500.
    buy 2nd hand parts

    john Baldock

    I've seen worst Taxis!!

    Matthew cars

    Repair it yourself

    cameron forsyth

    Alex: What’s wrong with my car?

    Mercedes guy: Yes.


    Just buy another S500 for 1000£ and take the parts


    Life time body work protection speak to merc straight away.

    Groundhogz Garage

    If that car needed $10k in body work from an accident, it would be totaled. Just sayin’.


    Imagine this guy turning up to buy your used car.

    Peter Petrovic

    AH DU SCHEIßE 😂😂😂

    W124 500E E36 Channel

    Sorry but that's the wrong guy to take an aging Benz to. Thise prices are worse than a MB main dealer! 8 or 11 grand + repairs means most people would scrap a perfectly good S class.

    DIY the repairs, use reman and used parts and get the car repaired for much, much less.

    Though the click bait value of this "££££££ repair bill!!" video is likely what the you tuber is shooting for.


    Lots of comments saying things like "This is a scam, parts are alot cheaper on ebay" Yes, thats true, but a certified mercedes mechanic will only replace parts with OEM.

    Sarwar A

    Do a budget car repair for under £1000

    Mike Cole

    I reckon you should try and repair it all yourself and see how cheaply you can do it using 2nd hand parts etc

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