Saturday, March 25, 2023

A Deep Dive With The Polestar 2 Electric Sedan!

Main A Deep Dive With The Polestar 2 Electric Sedan!

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    There are more electric car choices these days and new companies making them. Polestar, an offshoot of Volvo, is bringing the Polestar 2 to the U.S. in the …

    riddler andsa

    Does anybody else think that besides some Volvo it has some of the last Saab 95 (may it rest in peace) design language in it?

    Cory Frye

    this stuff won't work in the Midwest like Indiana Ohio or Illinois there are hardly any charging stations besides your home

    Chris Sorreda

    Damn this is a Model 3 rival pricewise?? Designwise, it just mopped the floor with the Model 3! No hate tho, love the electric car industry grow 👍🏼


    How many foto cams does it have?

    Will Johnson

    I've been watching this one…cant wait to see it in person to get a better feel of size and comfort. And as we're a household that's fully Apple, I'm not sure if the Android Auto OS should be a concern or not.


    Take it over a Tesla anyday

    Martin Busler

    typo: completion

    Martin Busler

    Still not as good as any Tesla car. Elon still has no coipition. Nice looking car but not state of the art.

    Randy Cockshipes

    Excellent video. Given the arrangement of the battery I assume this is CMA/SPA based.

    Bill H

    Easy to hack. Easy to take over. Pass.

    H R

    It looks stunning


    I wonder what old sci-fi comedy they're going to use to name their driving modes.


    Volvo claimed that they would be “all electric by 2019”, but now revising it to be 50% electric by 2025. Volvo goes from promising the world to “maybe we’ll get around to it”. I wonder why?

    Eric Light

    They should say it's a copy of a Tesla model 3 but with a better interior.

    David Jordi Coronel

    Cool car, but I sorta wish that Polestar had remained the performance/electric division of Volvo rather than an entirely new offshoot.

    Ira Gottlieb

    Great looking car and love the delivery / service model. Thanks for the overview, Tom.

    Mustafa Bilek

    Thank you mr. Voelk

    Joe Egan

    Love the car, but I worry that their buyer is the Tesla buyer. And therefore they are late to the party. Having said that the XC40 EV should do very well of they can keep price manageable

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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